Podcast: Welcome Back, Eloy Jimenez

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Intro – Eloy Jimenez returns

5:45 – Who plays in LF: Jimenez or Andrew Vaughn?

14:14 – Recap Milwaukee Tailgate / 2022 Tailgate Plans

19:02 – Recap Brewers vs. White Sox series

25:08 – Why Leury Garcia can’t be the starting second baseman come the postseason

31:30 – Michael Kopech batted

38:32 – Adam Frazier trade reaction

44:11 – Whit Merrifield trade rumor

45:05 – White Sox target: Cesar Hernandez? 

49:50 – Will we see Whit Merrifield face the White Sox this week?

53:09 – P.O. Sox: Guess the trade White Sox make before the deadline

57:26 – P.O. Sox: What if Rick Hahn doesn’t make a trade? 

63:25 – Bonus P.O. Sox

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I agree with Josh about Garcia’s defense at 2nd.

It’s awful, and his hitting isn’t good enough to justify the playing time for a guy who is in the last year of his control period. I know Mendick isn’t good, but I’d like to see Mendick starting more than Garcia for now.


footnote to the Frazier trade: I was not familiar with Suwinski, but he was a 15th rounder from Taft HS in Chicago


I was not disappointed the Sox did not get Frazier, because I did not want him to be their excuse not to go out and get a real RF in the offseason. Plus I assumed they would have to overpay. But I was surprised that the Pirates seemed to get so little in return for him, at least that’s what seems to be the consensus.

I just hope Hahn does something. I know there is demand for players, but at the same time if the D-Backs don’t deal Escobar for example, they get nothing for him. So there is incentive for them to trade. Ditto the Cubs with Tepera. You would think they should be able to get both without a huge cost.


Rick Hahn shouldn’t soon forget he hasn’t gm’d a team that has won a playoff series. Its imperative to not let a good chance to not only go deep in the playoffs but win it all go by the wayside. Just adding a reliever would be a disappointment. Its time to move some chips in.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

The idea of them being less active/motivated in the trade market due to the large division lead at least to me implies that they’re happy to just make the playoffs.


They may be motivated, yet Hahn may be unwilling to part with what teams are asking for. Their farm system is pretty weak, if Hahn is hesitant to trade their top prospects, they may not be able to do much.

I hope at the very least they get an established reliever, as long as it is not a gross overpay. If they don’t get at least one pitcher, I don’t think it matters much if they get Escobar, personally. They are not likely to go far in the playoffs with this bullpen, even with Eloy, Robert, Grandal.


I dont think thats their expectation level but if it is they would need a top to bottom cleaning of house.

Their lead to me gave them more time to let the market come back to them a bit, after the grandal and madrigal injuries a lot of clamoring was being made about them having to act…. that probably would of cost them a lot of extra assets to do so.