2021 MLB Draft: Day 2 Draftchat

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The second day of the 2021 MLB Draft commences at noon. You can watch the second round on MLB Network, and follow the entirety of the day on MLB.com.

As always, feel free to name-drop the picks and any interesting findings over the course of the day.




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Josh Nelson

Early stories I’m paying attention to in the second round:

– Will Jud Fabian get drafted?
– Can Pacheco, Kath, or Wood fall to the White Sox at Pick 57?


I assume Montgomery will get roughly slot value? Do you expect the Sox to go roughly slot the rest of the draft?

Josh Nelson

I think the White Sox will go over slot in Round 2 and 3. Following suit the last couple of years.

I’m wondering if they can get Wes Kath to fall to #57


Montgomery & Kath would be just about the best-case scenario.

Josh Nelson

Aaron Zavala was one of my favorite non-First Round prospects. I’m a bit surprised he went early.

Detroit is having a good draft adding Jobe, Madden, and now Pacheco.


Is he related to Seby?

Josh Nelson

No, I don’t believe so

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Josh Nelson

There goes Jud Fabian to Boston. Won’t be going back to Florida.

Josh Nelson

Kansas City Royals loading up on prep arms

Josh Nelson

Jaden Hill to Colorado is a pick I like for them. 96-98 mph four-seamer, a plus changeup, but needs to develop a breaking pitch. Won’t be back until 2nd half of 2022.

Josh Nelson

Edwin Arroyo to Seattle. Mariners loading up on intriguing prep talent with Arroyo and Harry Ford.

Outside of Colson Montgomery, Arroyo was talked about a lot after the draft combine. Just 17 years old.


kath, stovall, wood still available… wonder if they go prep bat again

Josh Nelson

That would be the direction I would go.


kath boom


Stovall withdrew this morning so can’t be him


Stovall pulled out of the draft today


Kevin Goldstein (fangraphs twitch stream) also thinks they will go that direction.

Seems like this is the longest time between picks today.

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Josh Nelson

Wow. Kath and Stovall still on the board for the White Sox.


Stovall going to school is very interesting. Absolutely love going HS back to back.

Josh Nelson

I’m a BIG fan of the White Sox draft after the two picks. Montgomery and Kath are good building blocks. It’ll be worth going to Kannapolis next year to watch them.

James Wood going to San Diego, of course.


I am also a big fan so far! Love having super strong opinions based only on other people’s opinions, so, @Josh, am glad you know what you’re talking about, because Josh happy = me happy


Josh, are there any interesting players you’d like to see the Sox fill out later rounds with?


I’m impressed. The philosophy under Shirley has moved from popping *insert guy named Zack here* from Louisville to identifying high-end prep talent. Getting a couple of infielders to go with the pitchers from 2019 and 2020 makes a lot of sense, plus these guys won’t be shut down for the rest of 2021 like a lot of the college pitchers will. I look forward to seeing what Chris Getz and his staff do with Montgomery and Kath.


Kath is almost 19. I guess listing as a 3B shows some clue of what the White Sox think about him being a SS. For those concerned with pick order vs. draft ranking, Fangraphs and MLB Pipeline have him ranked higher than where he got picked.

Josh Nelson

Pirates going over slot for Bubba Chandler in Comp B round.

Now I’m wondering about Will Taylor.

Josh Nelson

Milwaukee Brewers stacking college bats early in this draft

Joliet Orange Sox

I know nothing about evaluating baseball prospects but I went to high school as have my children. I saw several places mention Montgomery already being 19 years old (since February) and now people are mentioning that Kath will 19 in August. Montgomery is a bit old for someone who just graduated high school but not by a huge amount. I’m old enough that the deadline for school in Illinois was December 1 when I was a child. When I was in school (with a late November birthday), about half of my high school class was still 17 when we graduated. Nowadays, almost all the students are 18 when they graduate high school and there are more 19-year-olds than than 17-year-olds.

My youngest will be a sophomore in high school this fall and a couple of his friends (all boys) have already turned 16 (months before their sophomore year) because their parents felt they weren’t quite ready for kindergarten when they had just turned 5. (I know I wasn’t ready many years ago at not quite 5 and school was a struggle in the early grades. I had much more trouble in kindergarten than in grad school.) I think every boy in my son’s class with an August birthday started the year after despite making the September 1 deadline.

I have a cousin in Georgia who says her son is a year younger than almost all his male classmates. There is a culture in her area of starting children (especially boys) a year late. Anecdotally, I know Justin Fields (recent Bears draft pick) is 22 after spending 3 years in college.

I understand that being older (even months) matters to some extent but Montgomery and Kath aren’t as old as I thought when I first read the concern.


Yes! Excellent perspective. Bryce Harper went early to a junior college to get drafted at a month older than I was when I graduated high school (way back when as a November baby).

Bobby Witt Jr. was an “old” prep pick last year. I don’t think the Royals regret taking him.

Greg Nix

Age concerns are mainly related to statistical models. It’s perhaps the greatest predictor of future success in the low minors. So I think it’s less about how old they are relative to the rest of their class and more about how old they are relative to previous generations of players.

That said, it seems generally overstated to me. If you’re choosing between a 17 year old and a 19 year old with equal skills, go with the younger guy. But it doesn’t disqualify anyone from being a good prospect.


There are also 40 man roster considerations related to age.

Josh Nelson

For those wanting more college starting pitchers, Sean Burke is a good addition to the farm.


I don’t like this pick. It seems every non Top-10 overall pitcher drafted seems to have the same profile “Deadly fastball, iffy secondaries, iffy control”.

Where are the pinpoint control guys? It seems everytime I go on fangraphs they have like 2 dozen dudes that have a scouting line like

FF 70/70
SL 60/70
CH 30/50
CMD 30/45

and maybe ONE guy who is like

CMD 30/70



being drafted in the 38th round.


There should be some intriguing guys floating around after 20 rounds this year. Are there any special limits – like on signing bonuses — or is it expected there just won’t be that much interest from teams and not that many open spots in the sytems. I guess there won’t be as many Sox “friends and family” picks w/o 40 rounds.


Wes Kath – after reading what Josh wrote about him, I’m pumped the Sox drafted him. But I think the last time I was as excited about a (potentially 1st round) 2nd round pick was when the Sox drafted … Alec Hansen ?


much riskier pick


Wow. I’m impressed with the Sox first 3 picks. Very happy.


Royals took a 5’9 middle infielder with speed and pop in R2 of the draft.

Josh, why do I feel like Peyton Wilson is going to wreak havoc against the sox for the next 8 years?


4th rounder seems like he might a cheaper sign guy (senior sign), but perhaps some raw stuff to work with? Mid-90s as a lefty, if you can harness him maybe you at least develop him into a bullpen arm?


Tanner McDougal, prep righty with a commit to Oregon, went in the 5th round, This might be an over slot signing.


Google tells me that his fastball isn’t huge, but has spin and he has a high spin breaking ball. He’s tall (6’5″).

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He also doesn’t turn 19 until April, since that’s the topic of the day.



And now the #WhiteSox dipping their toes into mega-data guys. Tanner McDougal has pitch characteristics that suggest big things coming. Super-vertical fastball has been into the mid 90s. Huge ride. Massive CB with big spin. Best secondary.

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Intense resting pitch face by Mcdougal. That’s how you know he’s good, none of this newschool data driven bullcrap

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MLB has fastball pegged as 93-94, mid 90’s at the combine. Also known as the son of former White Sox reliever Mike McDougal.


Different Mike McDougal (MacDougal in the case of the former Sox reliever). According to Tanner’s MLB profile, his father was a minor leaguer.


Bad read on my part, shuddered a bit when thinking about that tenure here


Two pitchers from Bradley University?

I thought packaging was illegal….


Very Old* Friend Alert. 1991 1st-round pick Scott Ruffcorn just saw his son Jason go to Philadelphia in the 8th round.

*Still younger than me.


And former Sox catcher Chris Widger’s son CJ went to the Rangers in the 10th round.


Andrew Vaughn’s old teammate Darren Baker just went to the Nationals (who once employed his father).

Right Size Wrong Shape

I hope he wasn’t drafted as a batboy.


Catcher,which figures as he’s always liked hanging out around the plate.


Well after taking pitchers with first 5 picks last year, this year they took two hitters, and then pitchers the next 5 rounds. I’m glad they at least got a couple hitters this time, their minors seem pretty thin as far as position players.