Podcast: 2021 first 50 games review with Dan Szymborski

Guest: Dan Szymborski, FanGraphs


1:37: First 50 game review for MLB

8:21: White Sox first 50 games review

10:47: Real or Not – White Sox performances to start 2021

23:08: Contender or Pretender – Which teams appear to be postseason bound?

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Sorry if I missed out on some inside joke… but is Dan constantly pronouncing “pitchers”, “pictures”, ironically?


He’s always pronounced it like that. I think that’s just the way he says it.

Joliet Orange Sox

When Dan Szymborski said the Sox weakest position was second base, was that him answering off the cuff or is that based on some metric? My gut says the weakness is greater in the outfield (rightfield and centerfield) so I’m interested what his basis for picking second base is. I agree with Dan Szymborski that 2nd base for the Sox is league average. I also think the bullpen is probably an area more in need of upgrading than 2nd base.


Yeah, Madrigal has been just fine. Not an all star, but hardly their biggest weakness. Outfield clearly a bigger problem, while waiting for Eloy and Robert to get back at least. Engel should help that pretty soon.

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Jim Margalus


I’m usually more blasé about getting the promotion or not, but I /want/ that bobblehead. How early should I show up for the 1:10 game tomorrow to have a good shot?