Kenny and Rick’s (Hopefully) Off-season Plan


This is gonna be one weird off-season. It’s close to impossible to count on anything happening or not happening, although it looks pretty obvious where we need to improve


Nomar Mazara: Non-tender/ trade pre-tender deadline
Carlos Rodón: Non-tender -Love the dude, think he’s talented, but we will have too many people on this roster to give him a chance.
Lucas Giolito: $3M Tender- preferably extend but wouldn’t count on it 🙁
Reynaldo López: $1.7M Tender
Evan Marshall: $1.4M Tender
Adam Engel: $1.2M Tender
Jace Fry: $800K Tender- I can go either way with this; I get nervous every time he comes in but this is cheap enough
Yolmer Sánchez: Not opposed to bringing him back depending on whether expanded rosters carries over into next season or not


Edwin Encarnación: Decline
Gio González: $500K buyout
Leury García: $3.5M Pick up


Alex Colomé Resign 2 yrs $18M (with 3rd year option $10M $2M buyout)– This guy has been lights out for us and has a true closer’s mentality that I believe can carry him for longer, especially for someone who doesn’t rely too heavily on any pitches that decline with age
James McCann Tears will be shed but let go
Jarrod Dyson Let go


Manager: LaRussa got the job which sucks after the DUI, but this is what we’re rolling with. Better hire a top-tier bench coach though
Wanted Ozzie with Frank as bench and then wanted Alomar Jr. with AJ Pierzinski as bench, who split catching duties in ‘06
Pitching coach: No preference at the moment, but don’t screw this up


No. 1: Eddie Rosario (two years $20 million, 3rd year $16M option $2M buyout). Him being strongly rumored as a non-tender has me licking my lips. Damn good LEFTY bat who plays corner outfield (mainly left but who cares)- and bonus points for making the Twins hate us more

No. 2: José Quintana (one year $10 million). Damn good pitcher who deserves to win with us and also has familiarity, but will likely sign a 1 year prove it, since he was injured preceded by years of middling numbers, although his FIP suggested that he was better than his numbers.

No. 3: Alex Colomé (see above)


No. 1: Trade for Chris Sale (or more realistically Joe Musgrove)- Don’t know Sale’s availability, but if it is at all, I’m offering; our fan base is in shambles with this LaRussa news, so our front office needs to earn it back. This will help.

Musgrove is a name we were connected to years back in a Quintana deal. His career numbers aren’t great so his price may be in our price range

No. 2: Nomar Mazara for a bag of chips and a drink– Mazara supposedly had plenty of other suitors last year so teams may believe in his potential and he may offer a viable option for teams trying to cut costs. Even if we can get a team’s 30th best prospect, it I guess will be worth it


At a point in time I wanted Stroman, which I believe would be a 2 for 1 as he is a short guy who knows how to pitch and has a similar motion to Lopez, whom he could have helped mentor. That ship has since sailed. Additionally, I truly believe that Taijuan Walker is the most underrated pitcher in baseball, so if we signed him I’d love it, but I am yet to hear any rumors of us being connected to him.

I’d like to go in-house at least until the deadline at backup catcher, giving Collins or Mercedes their fair shots

There aren’t any bank-breakers on this list,(unless we trade for Sale), but it’s risky to count on those anyways. If our team looks like this next year, I’ll be happy.

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