Podcast: 2021 Offseason Plan Project Kickoff

Josh and Jim kickoff the Sox Machine 2021 Offseason Plan Project. Breaking down the key decisions offseason architects will need to make, some ideas to consider constructing the roster, and how the uncertainty of the market could impact the White Sox budget. 

P.O. Sox Questions [54:31]

Chef Eric

How is the new CBA shaping up for MLB and for the Players’ Association especially after the fight regarding this covid season and the huge amount of uncertainly regarding revenue for the 2021 season?


Without spoiling any offseason plans you have, do you think any of Cease, Dunning, or Kopech shouldn’t be guaranteed a starting rotation spot?

mark sambor

Using Rick Hahn’s own words for firing Renteria.. “the best candidate or the ideal candidate is going to be someone who has experience with a championship organization ” “That we’re able to have honest conversations about where we’re at, what we need to do to get better ” ““We have been insular in our past hirings” combined with Hahn’s well documented failures in identifying major league talent to build around a core, shouldn’t Rick Hahn be replaced with a GM from outside the organization that has a proven ability to take the Sox from point B to point C and add the pieces for a championship team?

John Collins

Any chance Dave Wills will join DJ in the radio booth next season?

Bonus P.O. Sox Questions (Patreon Only)

Andrew Segall

If the Sox were to hire TLR, in what ways would that be an upgrade over Renteria?


Setting aside exactly who gets hired as manager, did Rick Hahn’s stated criteria for that job foreshadow expanding the staff to the kinds of hires the Astros, Red Sox, Dodgers, Rays, et al have made in recent years? The Dodgers, for example, have a “Coordinator, Strong Mind Program.” The Rays have a “Developer, Baseball Strategy.” The Astros have a “Manager, Major League Video and Technologies.” OK, maybe that last one raises questions, but how much will a new manager bring about continued evolution of the kinds of employees the Sox have?

Mark Jontry

How soon is MLB expansion (& relocation(s) coming? Care to handicap MTL, POR, CHAR, NSHV & Vegas?

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Rick Hahn has done several things right, notably securing key young players, But he shouldn’t be Executive of the Year unless the judges are making past winners ineligible. That award should go to Andrew Friedman. We’re living in his league now, as all four of the Championship Series teams were led by him, or someone who had been under him (granted, the Braves’ GM had previous GM experience in Toronto). Yes, he has a bigger budget in LA than he had in Tampa Bay, but he doesn’t throw money around like the Yankees, having let go Madea and Hill from last year’s rotation in favor of pre-arb talent like Graterol, Gonsolin and May.

Where Cashman has signed a Cole here and traded for a Stanton there, Friedman’s made one truly big-ticket purchase: Mookie Betts. (I’m counting David Price as part of the price for Mookie Betts.) Betts is a HOF talent in his prime who has an argument for being the best player in baseball right now. Adding Betts to some of the best young talent in the game produced a team that went 43-17, is going to the World Series again, and seems to have a window of contention with no end in sight. If I’m the rest of the league, I want him out of LA and in the commissioner’s office replacing Rob Manfred. Best to have that kind of executive on your side.

Michael Kenny

Thanks for the shout-out. Always happy to lend my Excel skills to the cause.


Definitely adding Dave Wills to my offseason plan.