Podcast: 2020 Home Stretch and Gold Glove Talk with Mark Simon

Guest: Mark Simon, Sports Info Solutions

There were some good and bad happenings for the White Sox visiting Cincinnati this past weekend. Josh and Jim recap Tim Anderson’s big night, Dylan Cease struggled again, and the debut of Garrett Crochet. 

The guest this week is Mark Simon from Sports Info Solutions. He stops by to discuss the White Sox defensive improvements in 2020 and who has the best chance to win a Gold Glove this season. 

[2:00] Tim Anderson talk
[8:40] Dylan Cease’s struggles
[20:16] Hello, Garrett Crochet
[29:38] White Sox future bullpen
[32:30] White Sox defensive improvements and Gold Glove chances with Mark Simon
[54:07] Cleveland Indians Preview

P.O. Sox Questions

[67:42] Mark Hope

Sox lead the league in swings and misses on sliders and have seen the most sliders of any team by a pretty wide margin. Is that a troubling weakness or just a product of a team that swings a ton (8th highest swing rate in MLB overall)?

[71:35] Andrew Segall

Did the Sox create a 40-man headache for themselves by opening spots for Stiever or Crochet?

[74:56] mark sambor

It isn’t discussed much but if the season ended today would Rick Renteria be manager of the year?

Patreon-Only P.O. Sox Questions:

Mark Jontry

Do teams get to change the 26/28?? man roster between WC/DS/CS? Seems like it would be hard to make a case for Cease in WC if enough BP arms otherwise…


What did this week teach us about how Rick Renteria will manage postseason games?


I’ve had this debate with myself and friends over the years but was curious for your take as a writer covering the team. Would you rather the White Sox have won the WS in 05′ and been exactly as they’ve been (bad with an occasional tease year like 2012). Or would you rather be more like the Dodgers have been. Absolutely dominant year in and year out, but still no world series title?

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