Following up: Reynaldo López hits IL; Rick Renteria and Eloy Jiménez held out of Cleveland opener

As expected, Reynaldo López hit the 10-day injured list with what the White Sox are calling right shoulder soreness. Gio González will take his spot in the rotation.

Eloy Jiménez is faring a little better. He’s out of today’s lineup against the Indians as the Sox continue to monitor his condition, but the White Sox didn’t diagnose him with a concussion, and he wasn’t among the bevy of roster moves made by the team. Joe McEwing said Jiménez has “improved a lot.”

McEwing is the one talking because Rick Renteria is undergoing precautionary COVID-19 testing due to a slight cough and nasal congestion.

McEwing said Renteria is supposed to have results in a few hours, while the rest of the team is undergoing frequent symptom checks. The good news is that Renteria, at least when cameras show the White Sox dugout, is usually the only one wearing his mask correctly. For the time being, it’s business as usual for the White Sox, even if the possibility of major disruption lurks around most every corner.

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As for the other roster notes:

*The Cheslor Cuthbert era lasted one popout to short. He’s being replaced by Ryan Goins, who is probably a better defender and a little faster, although not to a meaningful degree.

*Ian Hamilton replaced López on the roster.

*The taxi squad is Yermín Mercedes and Matt Foster.

*Michael Kopech is filing for divorce from his wife, actress Vanessa Morgan, after just five months, the Chicago Tribune reports. Morgan announced her pregnancy last week, which seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle as to why he opted out. Divorce trumps that, I’m guessing, but opting out is a defensible move for any pitcher of uncertain health regardless.

*Tonight’s game is rained out, with a straight doubleheader starting at 3:40 p.m.

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If the game rains out I’m assuming it’s permanently gone? If so we need more Twins/Indians rainouts.


Ah, thanks. Guess my day’s packed tomorrow with those two and a Korean Brood War tournament in the morning.


Hot damn those are still going? I remember the days of Boxer, Flash, Jaedong, Kingdom, and more than like a decade ago. Jaedong was my favorite. The godly muta micro.


Flash is STILL the best player in the world with 4 wins of the new big tournament; his team is playing tomorrow even (first team tournament in a few years; sponsored by Gillette); the ASL is cast in english (by Tastosis) but this tournament was exclusively in Korean; which turns out doesn’t bother me much anymore having watched 4+ years of it in English since the revival. This match had ~30,000 live viewers I think, that’s basically just Korea so like 1/20th of Twitch’s audience or so putting up that number:

Here’s Jaedong’s crowning achievement in recent years (Rain was at the time the best Protoss in the world):

Trooper Galactus

And here I sit, having never been able to finish the main campaign of the original Starcraft.




And we’re cancelled. I don’t see the season lasting much longer.


I jumped the gun here. Rain cancelled. I assumed it was related to Renteria and possibly worse news to come out.


You might not be too far off but for my part I’ve enjoyed even a very short season relative to none at all.

Trooper Galactus

He reportedly is the father. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with them, but hope it all pans out for the best. This stuff is beyond my social comprehension.

Eagle Bones

I just hope the guy is ok. Between everything he’s got going on professionally (trying to get his ML career started, big prospect hype, coming back from a major injury) and personally (mental health, pregnant wife, divorce), he’s got an awful lot of high stress items ping ponging around in his head (not to mention it’s all happening in public view). Oh and he’s only 24. Oh and there’s a global pandemic going on. Seriously, I feel for the guy. Hopefully he can take this time to get himself to a place where he feels good mentally and is at peace with his personal life. He at least seems to be open about the challenges of mental health, so I would guess he’s getting some help.


Knowing the White Sox, I guarantee Ryan Goins starts one of tomorrow’s games.

As Cirensica

I see…So Mendick is the team’s mascot. It all makes sense now.

Eagle Bones

Not Mendick himself, his mustache.


For any Adam Eaton haters there’s a pretty good highlight at 30:35 in the Jays/Nationals broadcast.


I’m sorry, but if Eloy is going to miss time, its completely unacceptable to not call up Madrigal. I understand we are a few days closer the extra year for Madrigal but the White Sox can not afford to start both Delmonico and Engel in the same OF. Especially playing against a division rival. Engel in Left, Garcia in RF and Madrigal at 2nd is something you can make do with.


Is it possible that Eloy was just dealing with the heat and maybe some dehydration when he had to come out of the game? It looked for sure like concussion symptoms at the time.