Sox Machine Live!: MLB is Back

Starting at 11:00 AM CT, Josh and Jim will be streaming a special Sox Machine Live! to recap how the 2020 MLB season will work.

  • How Training Camp will work?
  • What happens if a player test positive?
  • Rule changes
  • The 2020 MLB Schedule with ZiPS Projections

Listen to the recording below:

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I know there are a lot of “ifs” still, but seeing “Sox Machine Live!: MLB is Back” is exciting as hell.


Agreed. So good to have baseball back, soon. I have this fear though that there will be a bunch of players tested positive and it shuts down. Enough Debbie Downer. BASEBALL!

Trooper Galactus

Just when I thought we might finally move past all the late-inning bunting, here comes a free runner on second base.

Jim Margalus

A counterpoint:


Nothing wrong with a bunt if it advances a winning run to a spot (3rd base) where it no longer takes a hit to score said runner. If you hold in the top half, the bunt with no outs and a runner on second in the home half should almost be automatic unless maybe 3-4 hitters are up.

As Cirensica

It does not necessarily take a hit to score a runner from 2nd. Bunt attempts almost guaranteed that it won’t score. Granted, statistically speaking, there is more chance to score a run with 1 out and man on 3B than 0 outs with a man in 2B. A sacrifice bunt does not guarantee the former. It almost always guarantee an out though.


be interesting to see how it gets played out, especially with the initial 30 man roster you can basically guarantee a fast runner at 2nd, and then reasonable guarantee of a good hitter at the plate

As Cirensica

The runner at 2nd must be the last player that was out in the previous inning. You cannot just place any fast runner there. Unless you pinch run of course, and that strategy can backfire quickly.


If its a slow player vs a fast player I am making the move. The chances the one at bat hurts you 2 or 3 innings later seems an ok risk. Expanded benches give lots of options its not a normal switch.