Podcast: Evan Marshall’s perspective on MLB vs. MLBPA spat

Guest: Evan Marshall, Chicago White Sox Relief Pitcher

Over the weekend, the MLBPA decided that talks with the commissioner’s office were “futile” and now wait for Rob Manfred to determine when the 2020 season begins and for how long. After attempts to work out a deal with the owners, MLBPA has decided that their best course of action is to stop playing along.

To provide insight and perspective on why the MLBPA would conduct themselves in this manner is Evan Marshall, relief pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Marshall shares how the process has gone within the players association, what the owners refuse to share, and why the players are taking a firm stand.

About Jerry Reinsdorf and the MLB owners:

“Personally, with the White Sox, we see Jerry Reinsdorf. He’s not just some myth in the club suites that we never hear about. We see him, I talk to him, and he’s a great guy. We respect the hell out of him. But the owners come together collectively as a group and then let the commissioner [Rob Manfred] to state their position on things.

It’s been nothing short of foolish from the beginning. The owner’s first offer made to us was an $800 million pay cut off the prorated amount we already agreed to. They offered us the same deal four different ways where they shifted it from 50% prorate for 80 games down to 80% prorate and 60 games. It has been a sliding scale, but in the end, the total dollars are always the same.”

About how he may lose money with a 56-game season:

“In my position, I’m going to take a loss to go play over those two months. Not a net loss because the owners already fronted us some money. Which was great because I already have it, and I’m prepared to earn it. But my paychecks for these two months won’t cover agency fees, rent, food, etc. I will eventually be paying for things out of my pocket rather than my paycheck covering it all.”

In the second part of the show [34:11], Josh and Jim recap the 2020 MLB Draft and answer your questions in P.O. Sox.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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I wanted to share this from SABR-L, the listserv for SABR. It’s about a tactic I’m surprised ownership hasn’t tried in recent years. Here’s the quote:

The 1912 National Association Guide includes a short report about a player
claiming some of his salary was not paid to him and that he was hypnotized
into believing he had been paid.

The poster was wondering if anyone knew anything about the alleged incident.

As Cirensica

Unrelated question. How do I search for my activities. In the past I had the ability to look at my profile, and recent activities (recent posts I made), but I don’t see that anymore. Did it get moved?

Jim Margalus

It didn’t work well on the site redesign, and the commenting platform has a similar feature in the new version. I haven’t yet upgraded it because there are a couple of snags I’m hoping a new iteration of it will iron out.

As Cirensica

Thank you Jim. Not a a big deal, but sometimes it was the easiest way for me to find messages I have made in the past.


Nice work this week, especially with the Evan Marshall interview. Thanks.

Regarding my Twins-Saints question, one other factor to consider is the relative sensibility of the two leagues’ planning regarding health and safety. I don’t think the MLB season will have 56 games played; I would not be surprised to see it shut down after a couple of weeks….if it ever successfully starts.

Since MLB is already on board with organized gambling, one revenue stream would be promoting lines on a) how many MLB games are scheduled and b) what percentage of the announced schedule actually gets played. Owners barely able to make it on the Turner broadcast contract might be able to afford ramen packets for lunch.

As Cirensica

Great Podcast Josh. Marshall is well-spoken, makes intelligent comments, firm on the player’s side but without creating controversial comments and respecting Sox’s ownership at the same time. He seems to have a unfavorable view towards the Astros cheating scandal (I don’t blame him) and I have a feeling it is a very generalized feeling among other players.


Josh, it looks like showcases will happen. The 2021 draft work can proceed….