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I was a bit down on the prospects on a contending season at the beginning of 2019; however, the development of Moncada and Giolito gave me some reason for optimism. I still think they’re going to have to spend quite a bit of money if they want to make the postseason. I also think that they aren’t going to spend quite a bit of money, so in all likelihood they will be battling the Tigers and Royals for 3rd place. My guess is they improve, but just not quite enough to push themselves over the top. As such, I did not make a plan based on what I would actually do as a GM, since I figured there will be a large selection of Cole/Martinez/Grandal plans, and I tried to put together something I could see the Sox putting together based on the last few years of acquisitions as a guidepost. I hope they blow me away and spend like a kid that just got her allowance; I would love to be proved wrong.


Write “tender” or “non-tender” after each player and their projected 2020 salaries. Feel free to offer explanation afterward if necessary.

  • Alex Colomé, $10.3M tender
  • Yolmer Sánchez, $6.2M non-tender
  • James McCann, $4.9M tender
  • Carlos Rodon, $4.5M tender
  • Leury García, $4M tender
  • Evan Marshall, $1.3M tender
  • Josh Osich, $1M tender
  • Ryan Goins, $900K non-tender

I’m not sure any of these are surprising.


Write “pick up” or “decline” after the option.

  • Welington Castillo: $8 million/$500,000 buyout 


Try to retain, or let go?

  • Jose Abreu (made $16M in 2019) – re-sign. 3 yrs $36 million with a 4th year club option at $10 million
  • Iván Nova (made $9,166,167 in 2019) decline
  • Jon Jay (made $4M in 2019) decline
  • Hector Santiago (made $2M in 2019 on split contract) decline


Most of my plan is going through the FA market, mostly because I think a lot of their assets lost more value than they gained and no one should sell low, and because the farm is a bit top-heavy. That “depth” should be retained.

No. 1: Madison Bumgardner – 4 years $75 million. He isn’t the best pitcher on the market by far. He has a history of being an all star. He will be cheaper than other top-tier FAs. All of those point to him being a member of the White Sox in 2020. I think he still has some left in the tank and hopefully can provide innings.

No. 2: Cole Hamels – 2 years $25 million. He’s super old, and was hurt, so maybe that will depress his market a bit. But I needed a LHP to break up the rotation and he’d be good in the middle.

No. 3: Nick Castellanos – 5 years – $100 million. Steal from the cubs and get someone that can play the outfield and DH for you, and play 3B in a pinch. They need power.

No. 4: Russell Martin – 1 year – $5 million. I doubt he’d take this but he’s super old and can’t hit. But he can still frame (6.2 FRAA vs. -10.2 for McCann)

No. 5: Fernando Rodney – 1 year – $3 million. Every team he plays for goes to the World Series. Bring some of that juju here.


No. 1: Reynaldo Lopez, Dane Dunning, and some low-level prospect for Jonathan Villar. Pipe dream trade, sure…..but we all have those. Baltimore has some interesting position player prospects coming but their pitching staff is garbage and their top pitching prospects are a ways away. Maybe they’ll want to take a chance on a broken Dunning and a back of the rotation starter with a bunch of upside to unload arguably their best player. But I think this could be a good move for the Sox. Villar has some experience at the other infield positions, so gives them some flexibility there. I’m still not totally sold on Madrigal as anything other than a really good utility player given his batted ball profile. Villar doesn’t walk much but hits for good power, which is sorely needed. Add him to the lineup with Abreu, Jimenez, and Castellanos and it’s a damn fine lineup.


Starting Lineup

C McCann

1B Abreu

2B Villar

3B Moncada

SS Anderson

LF Jimenez

CF Garcia/Robert

RF Castellanos

DH Castellanos/Abreu/Moncada/Collins/Madrigal/Vaughn (This will shuffle a bit as players move to MLB (Vaughn and Madrigal) and others get replaced (Collins)


Danny Mendick (INF), Nick Madrigal (INF/DH), Russell Martin (C)


Lucas Giolito (RHP)

Madison Bumgardner (LHP)

Michael Kopech (RHP)

Cole Hamels (LHP)

Dylan Cease (RHP)

Relief Pitchers

Alex Colome (RHP)

Evan Marshall (RHP)

Jace Fry (LHP)

Josh Osich (LHP)

Aaron Bummer (LHP)

Jimmy Cordero (RHP)

Ian Hamilton (RHP)

Fernando Rodney (RHP)


I think this comes out to a bit less than $120 million somehow. I think the rotation and the bullpen are a bit worrisome, but I think the lineup could be pretty good. Like I said, I think this probably challenges the other bottom teams for third, but with some good luck and career years could move them into contention. I think the second year of this team with another addition would likely make them even better if some of these prospects hit (Kopech, Dunning, Cease, Robert, Madrigal, Vaughn).



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lil jimmy

I believe Russell Martin announced his retirement.

Trooper Galactus

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Villar’s trade value is nowhere near that high.