Royals 7, White Sox 5: Goins tough, but the going tougher

Glass half full: The White Sox entered the ninth down five, but managed to force Kansas City into a save situation in a night game before a day game, setting up a potential Jose Paniagua-like shift in momentum, except in the way that helps this time.

Glass half empty: The two guys who did all the damage weren’t rosterable a week ago.

Given that the White Sox finally scored more than two runs in this, the sixth game of the second half, I think you have to go with the latter for a night.

All five runs were produced by the newcomers. Ryan Goins, a 31-year-old journeyman who joined the White Sox today in place of the injured Eloy Jiménez, instantly became the best thing about them. He went 2-for-3 including a nifty tag and a two-run homer, which were the two leading highlights through eight. Then A.J. Reed, who was stuck on Houston’s Triple-A roster until the Sox claimed him over the All-Star break, came off the bench and delivered a beefy pinch-hit three-run homer in the ninth.

Around them was another mess, and another loss. They’re now 0-6 in the second half. An inventory of the lowlights:

No. 1: Iván Nova had the bases empty and two outs in the first inning after a beautiful 5-3-6 double play. Whit Merrifield tried to take third on a chopper to Yoan Moncada, but Moncada delayed Merrifield’s advance long enough with a look, and Goins dug out Jose Abreu’s one-hop throw to apply the tag.

Nova still trailed 2-0 after the first inning.

No. 2: Nova suffered a larger implosion in the fifth, after doing so well to keep the deficit at two. With the bases empty and two outs, Nova allowed a Merrifield single, a walk, a walk, a walk, and a Jorge Soler single. Rick Renteria pulled him before a sixth unsuccessful attempt to get the third out, which Jace Fry only got because Leury García caught Nicky Lopez trying to stretch his RBI single into an RBI double.

Nova walked five tonight. He hadn’t walked five in a game since his first start … of the 2014 season.

No. 3: The White Sox negated two of their threats via TOOTBLAN. In the fourth, García took off toward third on a James McCann liner right at the second baseman Merrifield, who stepped on second for the unassisted double play. In the fifth, Welington Castillo delivered a desired extra-base hit with a one-out double, but was thrown out at third when a Duffy pitch in the dirt hit the backstop and caromed right back to catcher Meibrys Viloria.

Those lowlights are what this recap would have entirely consisted of had Goins and Reed not showed up. Sometimes you have to take what they give you.

Especially when they give you this.

Record: 42-50 | Box score | Highlights

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When was our last 0-10 road trip? I’m curious, because I don’t know when we will win another game. Maybe at home against the Marlins. Maybe.

While this type of crapshow goes on, can anybody see any evidence we will have a winning record next season? Robert probably won’t come up until May 1, even if he stays healthy. Madrigal probably won’t be ready for the majors and a few of our top contributors this season are in the final year of their contracts right now and might not be adequately replaced.

I just don’t see Giolito, Anderson, Moncada, McCann, Bummer and Leury having seasons this good next year; some regression from them probably will occur. Who’s going to pick up the slack and then some?


Maybe McCann but there’s nothing unsustainable about the other five players performances.

Well maybe the Unsustainable carrying Bummer is doing in the bullpen will cause a career altering back injury.


I disagree about McCann. He has been in free fall even before all star break. I haven’t done the research but the eye test shows an obscene level of strike outs and an unwillingness to consistently take the ball to right field. That’s how he was so successful earlier but now he is swinging out of his shoes trying to launch Homers to left field. 


That’s what I said. Iowa Sox said he doesn’t see Gio, Anderson, Moncada, McCann, Bummer and Leury having such a good season next year. I disagreed with the exception of McCann, who’s production is unsustainable.

He’s hitting .200/.238/.325 in July btw


Injuries have exposed a lack of depth.
However, just as they weren’t as good as their record in the first half, with a fully functioning roster they aren’t this bad.
With Robert, Madrigal, players returning from injury and even a few modest FA signings, I certainly see a .500 team next year. I also believe they remain on track for the playoffs in ’21.


You just dont hear a lot of Rickys Boys Dont Quit anymore… hmm weird.


I don’t even bother watching anymore. These last 6 games have not been major league baseball. Ricky’s Boys Quit at the break. Why should I waste my time?


Its very discouraging ball that is being played. Every aspect of the game has been bad out of the gate since the 2nd half started. Their isnt much left to evaluate, its hope that Moncada, Anderson, Eloy, Gio keep doing well, hope Lopez shows new life, and after that a bunch of dudes likely to be exiled off the 40 man at the end of the year. Even being excited to watch Cease was a joke as the team imploded around him. That Cease game was one of the worst games of baseball I had watched in a while.


Colome and Bummer to Houston for Bukauskas and Beer who says no? Big upgrade for Astros pen and guys who arent just rentals. Sox pick up a lively arm who has under performed in the minors so far, and their LH power bat of the future a likely DH. Astros dont surrender any of their top 4 prospects, they still have 2 arms ranked higher then JB in case Cole walks, and they have so much hitting talent they can afford to let Beer go.


Why would you trade Bummer? It’s not like he’s an aging foundational piece you need to move?


Gotta give to get, I think a lefty setup man you are selling high on is easier to replace then finding a power lefty bat and potential starting pitcher.


I’m okay with it. not sure Houston would go for it. Beer has been fantastic at A+, AA in 2019, but he’s yet another defensively challenged guy that is a liability in the field. Eloy, Vaughn, Collins (maybe) and Abreu if he’s around beyond 2019 means the LF, 1B, and DH logjam gets even more complicated. But he’s proving to be a true talent hitting from the left side, which is huge for his value imo. JB would be another 1st rounder that is struggling with the club that drafted him, and worth taking a shot at.


trying to come up with trade deadline targets that are LH bats OF or DH types with promise and its pretty difficult when the trade bait is only Colome and maybe adding Bummer. The other two guys I would like to get are Dylan Carlson from the Cards or Trevor Larnach from the Twins but divisional trading is still tough.


I like the Larnach idea since he would appear to be blocked by Kiriloff (although perhaps he’s leapfrogged him). I’m glad other people recognize the glaring roster hole that a LH masher in RF would fill in 2020 and beyond.
Carlson looks pretty sweet as well, but I agree that Sox MLB-ready trade chips are limited and maybe not enough to get either. StL might not even be buyers.


I was also trying to come up with a few current mlb types who may fit the bill all I could muster would be in the off season going after nomar mazaro, but he is still a bit more name then actual production. Basically been a replacement level player despite the glimpses of big upside. He is their version of avi garcia except left handed , lot of at bats at a young age, shows some glimpses but never really puts it together.


There’s just no one out there that could fill the rf/lefty power bat. They will probably have to fill right field with a righty power bat, and hope to catch lightning in a bottle with one of their young lefties to split DH/1b with Abreu.


The sad part of all this is that we have a front office who is very likely incapable of fixing this. That is the most frustrating part of this whole thing.


When the goings tough, the tough get Goins.


The worst part of this game is when I found out pnoles puts ketchup on hotdogs.

Patrick Nolan

THAT was the worst part about losing a sixth straight game against a trash team with this hellscape of a roster situation?

I, uh, maybe need to do a better job of considering all stakeholders in my condiment choices?


You lose a infielder and replace him with a outfielder. Then you lose a outfielder and replace him with a infielder. Go figure.


I mean, it lets Leury go back into the Outfield. That’s what I’m guessing is the thinking here.
Unless you want Engels back.


OT, but in the bigger picture, maybe not so much.

RIP Pumpsie Green, dead at 85. The first black player for the last segregated team; the Red Sox. Debuted July 21, 1959, 12+ years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in MLB.

lil jimmy

God bless Pumpsie. The Red Sox can blow me.


This. (Although I have to admit, my Yankee hatred is greater than my Red Sox hatred.)

lil jimmy

Hate the Yankees, of course. certainly more the the Red Sox.
I have room for both. Don’t hate the Cubs, just enjoy when they struggle.


“room for both”

Well put lj. I think you and I are kindred spirits in our White Sox fandom.

lil jimmy

as we have noted on other occasions.