White Sox 8, Royals 7: Tim Anderson redeems Rick Renteria

The White Sox deserved to lose this game.

Or maybe Tim Anderson deserved to deliver the winning blow.

Who can say.

Anderson indeed came through with the decisive hit in the form of a two-out double in the eighth inning, but it shouldn’t have been that hard. The White Sox blew a 7-1 lead via some Robin Ventura Era out-and-out neglience.

First, Rick Renteria followed Ventura’s playbook by leaving in Reynaldo Lopez for 118 pitches or maybe 15 pitches and two batters longer than necessary.

López had given up a two-run homer to Jorge Soler earlier in the inning, but when he erased a subsequent walk with a double-play ball as he approached 100 pitches, I could understand leaving him in to face Billy Hamilton, hoping he could close out the sixth with a 7-3 lead. But he gave up a single to Hamilton, so it was hook time.

Nevertheless, Renteria left in López to face Nicky Lopez, who delivered an RBI triple. And then he left in López to face Whit Merrifield, who singled to center to make it a two-run game. Only after that did Renteria pull López in favor of Jace Fry, and he retired Adalberto Mondesi on two pitches to end the inning.

Two innings later, the White Sox had to contend with Kelvin Herrera in a medium-to-high-leverage situation, and he blew it for purely preventable reasons. Herrera gave up two runs because:

  1. He walked the catcher, who of course was going to be replaced by Terrance Gore.
  2. He fielded a Billy Hamilton bunt cautiously, reaching across his body with his glove on a slow roller, leaving him no shot at getting Hamilton at first.
  3. He didn’t look either runner back, and he gave up a double-steal.

When Lopez came through with a single through the left side to tie the game, it was then that I didn’t care if the White Sox won, because sometimes you need to have your mistakes amplified.

Fortunately for Renteria, they won in the second-most satisfying way. After James McCann eked out a doubled with one out in the bottom of the eighth — he didn’t hustle out of the box on a drive that bounced off the right-center wall, but Renteria didn’t bench him — Eloy Jiménez bounced out to the left side, bringing Anderson to the plate.

Anderson had already received some justice earlier in the game. Royals starter Glen Sparkman was immediately ejected from the proceedings in the second inning when his high-and-tight pitch clipped the bill of Anderson’s helmet. It probably wasn’t a purpose pitch — it was a changeup — but given that the league allowed Brad Keller to assault Anderson without so much as missing a start the last time out, the Royals were due to be inconvenienced by an absent pitcher. Home plate umpire Mark Carlson wasted no time ejecting him from the game. Jorge Lopez came in to try to clean up Sparkman’s mess, but he gave up a three-run homer to Jose Abreu to make it a 7-1 game.

So that might’ve been satisfying enough, assuming the White Sox had won. But suddenly that fate was in Anderson’s hands, and he did what he could by shooting a double past Hunter Dozier at third to score McCann, giving the Sox a lead. Alex Colomé came in for the third time in two days and pitched around a one-out single for the save.

Bullet points:

*Jiménez was credited with his first outfield assist on Lopez’s game-tying single, as the throw was cut off and rerouted to second.

*Leury García had a huge game, going 3-for-4 with two runs scored out of the leadoff spot, robbing Jorge Soler of a homer (with Melky Cabrera-style trolling) and making a diving catch in on an Mondesi liner.

*The White Sox swept the series. Huh.

Record: 26-29 | Box score | Highlights

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Colome’s built up some solid trade value. If they can find a team that believes McCann is for real, it could be a good trade deadline.

Trooper Galactus

Colome, Abreu, and McCann all looking like useful trade pieces in some form. Washington is in dire need of relievers and more production from their first baseman, though I don’t know if they’re giving up on this season.


washington??? they are 5 games worse then us

I dont think anything in the sox weird front office situation has them trading Colome, Abreu, or McCann, all 3 of those guys figure into 2020 so…. I just dont see management moving them. (Not that I dont think it would be a good idea, just saying based on what Hahn and others have said/done in the past)


They need to keep McCann, Colome and Abreu, and extend Abreu now. So the plan is to find guys that are having decent years and flip them for AA players who we will ruin and will never contribute? I thought we were done with that. This is a decent team- except for the fact that our manager/coaches are incompetent, and we have just one reliable starter. Let’s start our 2020 shopping right now and add instead of subtract. It’s time to add a starting pitcher that can help (Stroman?), then bring up Cease and get ready for 2020 now. And who knows- we’re only 2.5 games back and the Red Sox are not showing any signs of being a solid wild card team. They just got shelled by Cleveland after blowing a 3-run 9th inning lead the night before. Let’s do something positive to the team for once. Plus Yonder needs to go – now.


Ive tried thinking about young cost controlled arms that the sox could target via trade from teams a ways off in their rebuilds and the best I could come up with were guys like Caleb Smith, Luke Weaver, Arron Sanchez…not sure if any of those guys thrill you. There best bet would be not lying to the fan base and actually spending money on Gerritt Cole, even a secondary arm on a shorter deal like Cole Hamels may have some appeal just to help solidify things while Cease gets his feet wet and Kopech Dunning and Rodon work their ways back from injury.


Even though Stroman is only good for 1.5 years, I would take a run at him. Jameson Taillon can probably be had from Pittsburgh for the right price. Let’s face it, they’re not going to be in the Cole market- Jerry still owns this team.


I really dont want a guy only thru 2020 so I am a no on Stroman, but I really like the Tailon idea…. hmmm wonder what that would take

I dont know how I can even say this at this point but god damn doesnt even Jerry and this team have to spend on someone eventually


You would think that Jerry would eventually spend on someone, but with the way they tried to lowball Machado with all the stars aligned in their favor, I’m not sure he ever will.

Lurker Laura

Why would you trade McCann? We finally have a reliable catcher. If the Sox believe he’s for real, extend him. I know, Collins, Zavala, blah blah. They’re both unknowns. Trade McCann next year if they’re ready.


I agree completely. McCann has been a real godsend to this team. And it’s been two months and nothing he’s done has made this look like a fluke. He gives a good at bat every time up and has been very good defensively. A McCann/Collins platoon in the 2nd half of this year into 2020 looks very reasonable. Plus Collins can spell Abreu or whoever is at 1st in 2020 on occasion.


I just think it’s time to stop trading good players away, and start trading for good players.

Trooper Galactus

@Lurker because he only has one more season of control after this. If they feel like extending him, great, but remember we got burned by Castillo after he posted a single season of really good framing and offense, and that turned out to be an anomoly. I’m not sure if he’s for real, and apparently the White Sox aren’t either, but if they don’t want to extend him then best to extract some value out of him now and potentially sign him as a free agent in 2021.

lil jimmy

LA Dodgers are in need. They have players to trade too.
Their #5 Prospect, Will Smith, Catcher/3rd. might work. Keibert Ruiz is in front him.


Rays could use both of them. Either of the Shanes (Baz or McClanahan) would be a great return that fills a need.


I really, really, really want Yonder Alonso to go away. While I understand Ricky’s preference for the strategy of going R-L-R in the batting order, it loses its efficacy when the opposing manager knows he doesn’t need a LOOGY to wipe out Yonder (especially given his odd reverse splits this year).


Yonder and Castillo (once off the concussion list) both have to be traded or released.

As Cirensica

They cost a lot of money. They have negative trade value. They should just be released. Seriously. It’s a no brainer. They are both washed out


Lopez stayed in longer in the sixth because the bullpen probably was worn out a bit from the near-doubleheader the previous day. Plus, there was a double play relatively early in the inning, which might have been a factor in why someone wasn’t completely warmed up. Sometimes you have to assume that a guy who has a 7-1 lead is going to do his job and finish the inning. Otherwise, if you have guys warm up too often and not come into games, that takes a big toll on your bullpen, too.
Herrera needs to go on the injured list. He is not helping the team right now, and his back still seems to be bothering him.
I would not trade Colome. We are only 2.5 games out of a wild card spot. It’s important for the team to stay in contention for as long as possible so the young players know what it’s like to play in games that matter. Another season with the entire months of July, August and September filled with meaningless games would not be good. I think the Sox should sign Keuchel to a multiyear contract right after the draft. With all of our injuries, we’re going to need a proven starter the rest of this season and the next few years, and I don’t see any better options out there unless we give up players that we would rather keep.

Trooper Galactus

The White Sox used three relievers yesterday: Colome (one inning in each game), Bummer (2 innings in the first game), and Marshall (1 inning in the first game). Everybody else had a full day’s rest, yet two of the relievers used today were Colome and Marshall. Not only should yesterday’s double-header not have been a concern thanks to Giolito’s long outing, but Ricky leaned on two of the only unrested guys available. Lopez was clearly fading at the end, hadn’t been sharp all night, and is running an ERA over 6.00…there was no reason to stick with him that long.


I turned on the radio in the car just as Soler hit his homer. According to Farmer and DJ the Royals were hitting balls hard all night. Now in the sixth they were landing for extra bases. Lopez’ pitch count was up. The pen was rested. Certainly after the walk at 7-3, Lopez should have been out of the game. That he faced 4 more batters was malfeasance. I nearly wrecked my car on I-35 when Merrifield singled.


I can get behind this plan. Not necessarily buying to go for it but not selling.  I want to keep McCann because I love to watch good baseball being played. With that said if there’s a very interesting prospect or two being offered for Colomé I wouldn’t hesitate to trade him.  

While I’m here time to throw Marshall into high leverage situations and see if he swims. I think he will.  

While I’m still here, pick a goddamn opener for Covey’s starts and let him come in in the second or third inning.   

Lurker Laura

All of this.


On the hustle front, I’d also point to the Abreu swinging strike three that hit the dirt. While Maldanado fumbled to find and pick up the ball to tag him, Jose stood there, removed and discarded one batting glove, then started to do the same for the other. Selective Ricky Rules.


The royals being terrible at baseball again is everything thats right in the world…. warms my heart.


I don’t want to rock the “trade assets” crowd but we are only 2.5 back for the wild card. Let’s think slightly positively


The “trade assets” crowd needs to go away. It’s time to get serious about building a quality major league team, not strengthening the Barons.

Lurker Laura

Yes, please. Can we try and win baseball games for awhile, see how that feels?


Since trading Quintana, here are the players the White Sox have received in return for “flipping” major leaguers.
Ryan Cordell (in exchange for Swarzak)
Casey Gillaspie (Dan Jennings)
Blake Rutherford, Tito Polo, Ian Clarkin (Kahnle/Robertson/Frazier)
AJ Puckett, Andre Davis (Melky)
TiQuan Forbes (Miguel Gonzalez)
Luis Avilan, Joakim Soria, who netted Kodi Medeiros, Wilbur Perez and Felix Paulino
Brian Connell and Johan Dominguez (Xavier Cedeno)

Do you see anybody who will help this team in the future? I sure don’t. So why do you want to flip guys now?


Great stuff, I would say I actually think Colome has more value then anything they have traded maybe with the exception of the yanks deal but he would probably net a top 50 prospect IMO

I think this team definitely needs to be more towards the lookout of adding then subtracting at this point.


The bad part of this is that Hamilton or Burdi have not stepped up to grab the closer’s role. It sure is nice to see the 9th inning in good hands. If they plan on competing in 2020, I’d like to see Colome stay. And with this organization’s recent inability to add anyone of value, I’m afraid we’d just be giving him away. They’d find a way to screw up a top 50 prospect even if they got one.


Really thought the bullpen would be a big strength of the rebuild with Burdi, Hamilton, Johnson, Foster on the cusp and then some interesting guys who maybe you could salvage one or two from the Ruiz, Burr, Fulmer, Viago crowd… unfortunately its been all injuries or bad results and even Fry who looked awesome last year has taken a step back.

Trooper Galactus

Colome is not netting a top-100 prospect, much less a top-50.

Lurker Laura

Medeiros might turn into a reliever. Rutherford might be a late bloomer. That’s about it. Nothing worth flipping more guys over, that’s for sure.


Add me to the list for NOT flipping McCann, Colome, and Abreu. I’m operating under the belief that last year’s 100-loss season was the “bottoming out” for the rebuild. It’s time to swing the arc towards winning and adding/filling the holes on the roster instead of creating more. Maybe pie-in-the-sky, but I think that this team in this division is capable of a near .500 season (78 – 82 wins) and if W Sox had Kopech and Rodon healthy, I think it would be possible. I’m all for flipping vets, but a caveat is attached to who would replace them.
Sox have needed a catcher and it’s been a wonderful surprise to see McCann emerge. Seems to handle pitcher, follow a game-plan, actually field his position and his bat has been overwhelmingly a plus-plus. If Collins and/or Zavala were the answer, they would have already been up with the departure of Narvaez/Smith. It doesn’t appear that they’ll get Rutschman in the draft. And RR’s cleanup hitter, Wellington Castillo can pack his bags right now. Keep McCann!
Colome looks like the real deal. Flip him and who ya got? Minaya? Burr? Centainly not Herrara (IMO has looked terrible since he left game with back twinge – he would be flippable – except RR keeps using him as 8th inning setup and looks worse every appearance) Until Burdi or some other prospect is ready, Colome is a nice piece to this roster puzzle. Keep Colome!
Abreu is the true centerpiece of the lineup. He’s been running hot and cold, but at the end of the year, the numbers should be there. If RR would put McCann at cleanup instead of Yonder, Abreu may see better pitches (again IMO). But my reason is: who replaces him? Y. Alonso – no way? Eloy and/or Zach Collins – not yet? AAAA Skoles ? Abreu supposedly is also the glue for all the younger players like Moncada, Sanchez, Eloy, etc. Extend Abreu!

Trade Abreu, McCann, and Colome without clear replacements and the rebuild gets set back. I’m for adding. IMO, I’d love to see Cease in the rotation and L Robert’s bat alongside Abreu, Moncada, Eloy, TA, and McCann in the lineup.
(Any update on Robert’s defense? Projected CF or corner?) Maybe Mendick instead of Rondon? Would like to ADD veteran at trade deadline (starting pitcher?) but don’t know who and for what the Sox will give up).

Addition by subtraction: Castillo, Alonzo, Banuelos, Nova, and possibly a few of the nonessential bullpen guys. Can’t get much for these guys in a flip, tho.


Well said, denbum.

lil jimmy

If a team needs a catcher, they will take Castillo and like it.