Podcast: 2nd Half Over/Under’s

Guest: Joe Ostrowski, 670 the Score

The Rundown:

    • Jim calls from Seattle as the White Sox drop two out of three to the Mariners. He shares his thoughts being at SafeCo, and what it was like to see Gordon Beckham in action again.
    • With daily activities back in swing, it was time to look at the ZiPS projections and play Over/Under’s with Joe Ostrowski from 670 the Score. He makes his picks if Jose Abreu will hit more than 25 home runs, if Yoan Moncada will strikeout more than 207 times, and if the Sox can win more than 60 games in 2018.
    • Patrick Nolan answers your questions in P.O. Sox, including one about how Eloy Jimenez could join the Sox 25-man roster.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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FWIW, later callups for Kopech and Jimenez allow them to qualify for ROY next season.
The Sox haven’t had recent position players who came up and immediately made a big impact as a few other teams have had. When called up, the more advanced Jimenez is, the more likely to get a noteworthy start in the League. That would be nice for the fans and org.

Patrick Nolan

If we promote them now, could they still qualify for MVP and Cy Young next season?

Trooper Galactus

Should we really care?

Trooper Galactus

I, for one, am not a fan of potentially trading Adams. Our top minor league starting pitchers (and even a couple in the majors), with few exceptions, have serious injury concerns, a state of affairs which has been borne out this season to the abject horror of all White Sox fans. Adams is one guy who, while the results are a bit mediocre, at least has provided a baseline for starting every fifth day and getting through six innings. I think he’s about the closest thing we have to fifth starter level insurance that’s on the cusp right now.