BREAKING: Joakim Soria traded to Milwaukee

The White Sox just announced they’ve traded Joakim Soria and cash considerations to the Milwaukee Brewers for left-handed pitcher Kodi Medeiros and right-hander Wilber Perez.

Per the official announcement, Medeiros is 22, going 7-5 with a 3.14 ERA, 107 strikeouts and a .234 average against over 20 appearances and 15 starts at Class AA Biloxi. He was a first-round pick in 2014 at twelfth overall. Here’s what Eric Longenhagen had to say about Medeiros:

The other piece in the deal, Wilber Perez, is a 20 year old right-hander pitching in the DSL. Across 40 innings, he has a 2.01 ERA with a 10.5 K/9 (29% K%) and a 2.9 BB/9 (8% BB%). Here’s Eric Longenhagen with more:

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Who’s replacing Soria on the roster?


So Hahn flipped a guy (Jake Peter) who has a likely long term role of end of the bench utility guy (with limited upside) for a guy (Medeiros) who has a likely long term role of LOOGY (with back of the rotation upside)? And all he had to do was pay Joakim Soria to eat up some high-leverage innings for half a season? I’ll take that.


Watching some of the other reliever trades go through, I was hoping Hahn could extract a little more value. It seems he is undervalued across the league, and also age probably factored in.


Getting a prospect with a FV 45 isn’t a bad return imo. O’s got two FV 40+/40 for Britton, so this probably is about the same return (if Medeiros is a FV 45 though one might assume the Sox have a 45/50 on him).


Yep, I’d be willing to guess that the Sox value guys who are wild a bit more than other teams, due to their proven ability to help those guys reign things in a bit. This was probably just about the best case scenario Hahn could have envisioned when he dealt for Soria this offseason.


I might be aggressive putting a 45 on him. As I said below, he had a 40 over the winter, but he’s done well in AA at 22. Control still an issue. If you think he’s a 40, this is a lightish return for Soria, if you think he’s a 45, it’s fine.

But yes, the Brewers weren’t going to trade Jake Peter for Kodi Medeiros back in January, so it cost the Sox like $5.5m, but that’s a good return.


More from Fangraphs on Medeiros before the season started:
“While Medeiros’s control took a step forward in 2017, his low arm slot and lack of a third pitch continue to render it likely that he becomes a reliever. His fastball sits 91-94 — up from the 90-92 scouts saw from Medeiros as he was wearing down last year — and he’ll flash a plus slider, but his arm slot allows righties to see the ball early and he doesn’t yet have a viable changeup to disrupt their timing. He could be a dominant LOOGY, especially if his fastball plays up out of the bullpen, as I have it projected.”

Pegged him at a FV 40. Not sure if his success in AA would bump it up to 45, but not unreasonable to think that.

As Cirensica

I guess signing Soria was a pretty good thing to do. Do we know who will fill in?

Joliet Orange Sox

I think Jace Fry will get a shot at closing.

However, I think it is also possible that the Sox will go with a plan of never leading late again to avoid having to use a closer.


I’m guessing Hahn brings up Infante. That would fit his m/o.


Not that its a big deal, but not insignificant either. Medeiros is rule V eligible this offseason so will need to be added to 40 man.


Yes, but there will be lots more roster turnover before that happens.


Of course, but just something to think about when there’s a group of others that need to be added for the same reason, between Seby Zavala, Kopech, Stephens, Adams, Hamilton, Burr, Cease.


Ian Hamilton, your table is ready.  


That’ll work.


Best piece just traded , would not expect much for anyone else ! Maybe Avi would bring more .


When July started, I thought Medeiros would be a prospect Hahn would try to get for a Sox pitcher. I thought that, given Milwaukee’s rotation, the Brewers might be interested in Shields to mop up innings, but this return makes a lot of sense for a good reliever who will be a free agent in October.


He’s got a 10 million option next year


It’s a mutual option. Meaning he’s effectively a free agent in October.

As Cirensica

You mean, he is retiring in October.


Anyone know how to see the Pipleline Sox Top 30 from before today’s update? Curious about who rose up or fell off.


Here’s the link. You may need to refresh it if Nick Madrigal doesn’t appear as the #4 prospect.


Thanks. I meant the top 30 from before they updated it this morning. They have links to earlier years but I don’t see one that would show what it was as recently as yesterday.


Oh, yeah, you may have luck with the Internet Wayback Machine clicking for anything before today. Worth a shot. (ETA, Ryan Burr had been #30 before the update.)

Brett R. Bobysud

Can always use more arms in the system, especially a lefty.

lil jimmy

This kid plus four more from this years draft, added today. Looks great.


Who fell off besides Clarkin and Puckett maybe? I was a little surprised Joel Booker didn’t sneak in there.

lil jimmy

Poor Ryan Burr
Makes the Top 30 prospect’s list and gets knocked off the same day.


Martinez, Clarkin, Puckett, Vieira, Yurchak, Skoug, Fisher are the ones I recall. Maybe Call, I can’t remember if he was in the top 30 or not.


Thanks! Wish I had screen grabbed the Burr profile during the half hour it was up there. Top 5 look great. Surprised Sheets didn’t drop a bit further.