Podcast: 2018 MLB Draft Day

Guest: Burke Granger, 2080 Baseball


  • The White Sox won a series! Against the NL’s best team! With how well Dylan Covey has been pitching, and Carlos Rodon returning, what will the starting rotation look like next week?
  • Lots of MLB Draft discussion as we tackle the possible drama inside the White Sox war room if the decision comes down to Nick Madrigal or Brady Singer.
  • Burke Granger from 2080 Baseball will share his scouting reports on the game’s top draft prospects, and who would he pick between Madrigal and Singer.
  • Plus our answers to your questions in P.O. Sox including who we want the White Sox to pick at #4

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To listen, click play below:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at josh@soxmachine.com.

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Patrick Nolan

Jim is trying very hard to avoid going all-in on Dylan Covey. Give in, Jim. Stick your neck out there. He’s the hero we need, and also the hero we deserve.


Haters gonna hate.
I want to see him toss a no-hitter just to rub it in everyone’s faces – right after the one from Shields


And also the only one who’s actually on the team*, so…

*I guess Kopech has a picture of the skyline on Instagram, so maybe we have more than one hero.

Jim Margalus

Not yet.

Also, I’ve had my heart broken by random sinker-slider guys before. Give me my space.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I think he’s going to see Alan Parsons Project tomorrow.

Lurker Laura

I was happy to hear the positive reports on Singer and Swaggerty from an outside expert. Not because I have any opinion on who the Sox should pick. But the way Sox fans are gnashing their teeth lately makes it seem like Nick Madrigal is the one, only, single player worth drafting this year, everyone else is terrible, and if the Sox screw this up, they’re missing the next Mike Trout. Good to hear some perspective.


One outlet had the Tigers looking at Mize, Bart, Singer. It isn’t obvious who the pick should be, maybe just some groupthink.


It’s not that Singer or any other player would necessarily be bad (chances are that the best player taken after number 3 will be someone that White Sox don’t pick regardless of whom they pick). It’s that Madrigal seems to most fans to have a better combination of upside and risk of the two. And really, we’re only debating the two players that the White Sox are tied to. It’s very likely that SOME player available there will be better than Singer or Madrigal, but if they’re not even close to the White Sox’ plans, then debating other players seems like even more of a waste of time than our typical commenting is.

Lurker Laura

“even more of a waste of time than our typical commenting is.” Ha, good description of online message boards in general!

karkovice squad

Is Brent Strom the best pitching coach in the majors now?

Jim Margalus

I wouldn’t argue it. The NYT had a nice feature on him.


Tropical Brent Strom is the best working Australian rock band right now.

Greg Nix

Davidson and Smith back tomorrow.

Trooper Galactus

Raise your hand if you saw Adam Engel producing positive oWAR and negative dWAR to this point.