MLB Draft Report: Alec Bohm

I never have the best luck when watching Alec Bohm.

Like most of you, I have been reading up on the in-person reports of Bohm the third baseman from Wichita State University, that is catching a lot of helium. Preseason Top 25 on most draft lists, Bohm had a successful year for the Shockers hitting .305/.385/.519 with 13 doubles, two triples, and 11 home runs. His walk rate was 10.9%, and the strikeout rate was just a touch more at 11.7%. With a BABIP of .313, there wasn’t anything that dissuades me when checking out his Sophomore numbers.

This past summer, Bohm performed well in the Cape Cod league. Playing for the Falmouth Commodores, Bohm hit .351/.399/.513 in 39 games with the wood bat league smacking five home runs and ten doubles driving in 28 runs. Summer leagues from Sophomore to Junior college season is a critical one for players, and Bohm emerged on to the scene.

Bohm started the 2018 season with a 10-game hitting streak with half of those being multi-hit games and had four straight games with a home run. The first time Bohm caught my attention was his series against Nebraska where he went 3-for-11 in the three games. What was eye-catching is each hit was a home run, he drove in nine runs, scored seven times, and walked three times with one strikeout. Pretty productive weekend.

I watched Bohm when Wichita State played at Missouri on March 13th. He did have a double but was 1-for-4 for the night not making the best contact, especially to right field. I saw his slightly open stance as a way for Bohm to punish inside pitches but caused him to lunge at pitches on the outer third. Limiting his ability to dive them to the opposite field. An intriguing hitter, but again, not worth taking in the Top 5.

Looking back at it, I didn’t realize I watched Bohm during his cold streak. After that Nebraska series, from March 6th to March 27th, Bohm was 13-for-50 with three doubles, no home runs, eight walks to five strikeouts. For three weeks Bohm didn’t show the promised power we saw from the beginning of the year but was still being a productive player for the Shockers. Again, good enough to be a first-round pick, but not worthy of being selected in the Top 5.

That was until his series at East Carolina, who ranks #11 in Baseball America’s Top 25. Against better competition, Bohm’s bat woke up in a big way on that Friday night going 4-for-5 with two home runs and six RBI. In front of many scouts and writers. Suddenly, Bohm was not just a first-round talent, but someone who has emerged to be a quality, impact college bat that this draft class is lacking. He became worthy of being a Top 5 pick.

I watched Bohm play against Kansas on Wednesday, and sure enough, I didn’t witness any magic. Bohm was 2-for-4 with two strikeouts and a walk. One of those hits, which you can see in the video below, was in great thanks to the turf Wichita State plays on that can act as a trampoline on grounders.

Not much power, not the best of contact, and missing on very hittable pitches. Again, I missed out on the Bohm magic. Two things did catch my eye. One, Bohm moves better than I thought defensively especially to his left. He makes strong throws to first and cleanly fielded each ground ball making an excellent transition to start a double play. The second thing that caught my eye was how Kansas implemented the shift against Bohm. They moved the infield to have him play pull with the second baseman directly behind second base. That suggests there is enough of a scouting report in the college ranks that Bohm has heavy pull tendencies, and like I mentioned previously, doesn’t drive the well to opposite field.

Still, even without the magic, Bohm is a productive player. His walk rate has increased to 17% this season while cutting down on the strikeouts to a rate of 8.4%. From the highlight videos, you can see when Bohm barrels up on a ball that he does of plus-power. Bohm is a player that checks off a lot of items on a scouts report card, especially for a team like the White Sox. Who in the past two years since Nick Hostetler has taken over has coveted college bats with a power profile that can demonstrate patience at the plate with a low strikeout rate. Personally, even if Jake Burger was healthy, I like Bohm’s chances of staying at third better than Burger’s.

Wichita State will be playing against Kansas again on April 24th, and I’ll be watching the ESPN3 stream. Maybe this time I’ll get to witness the magic of Alec Bohm and be completely sold on him for the White Sox.

Other MLB draft notes from the weekend:

Brady Singer had a very good outing against #9 Kentucky pitching seven innings only allowing two earned runs while striking out 10 and walking one.

Auburn beat down Alabama, 19-5 this past Friday but looking at Casey Mize’s box score it wasn’t his best performance. That’s because he was hit by a line drive.

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Quite the climb up draft boards for this kid. Recent rumors have him gone by the 4th pick.


I would be OK with this pick, if only so people could shout “BOHM’S AWAY” when he launches a dinger.  

lil jimmy

Brady Singer. If the Sox took Singer at #4, I would not be sad.

karkovice squad

Yeah, he’s distinguishing himself from the rest of the not-Mize pitchers. I’d probably bump him ahead of both Madrigal and De Sedas for the moment.

I’d still prefer Bohm because the continued reports of his athleticism are encouraging.

lil jimmy

It would be nice to have a player that is athletic, so we don’t have to take someone’s word. Like Turang.

karkovice squad

All of these guys have at least 1 obvious hole in their game, so it’s completely a pick your poison situation.

I agree with Josh that either someone ahead of the Sox thinks Turang has more power than the consensus, so he’s not available at 4, or he’s probably falling towards the back of the top 10 or farther.


Not the highest ceiling. But would be a fast riser and probably the safest arm in the draft. If they could get him under slot and use the $ on a high upside High Schooler in the 2nd, it would make sense.
I’m at the point where I’d be OK with anyone not named Swaggerty, McClanahan or Bart.


It is mostly his delivery and a bit of lack in ceiling, but never was a fan of Singer even when he was consensus no 1 guy. Now Turang still has that sweet swing but seemed to be getting a lot more leverage from his lower half and back in those two videos in the post. Wouldn’t be surprised if he closes out well and jumps up a bit.

Trooper Galactus

What kind of speed does Bohm have? Is he a liability on the bases or passable?



lil jimmy

Hit: 50 | Power: 55 | Run: 35 | Arm: 50 | Field: 45 | Overall: 50, says MLB.
I have a hard time believing he got fast since December.
He ran a 7.28/ 60 in high school for Perfect game.

Trooper Galactus

That does not sound “passable”.

karkovice squad

Longenhagen and McDaniel called his speed ‘fringey.’ Which I take to mean he’s Konerko without the piano on his back.


Give me Madrigal or Bohm and I’d be thrilled. 

I don’t love Madrigal’s size, but I think the Sox have enough power potential going forward that having Madrigal in the lineup wouldn’t hurt them at all.