Sporcle Saturday: Best players to don a White Sox uniform

Wednesday saw all-around good guy and Sox fan favorite, Jim Thome, get the call to Cooperstown. Thome is one of many terrific players scattered throughout baseball history who donned a White Sox uniform at some point during their career.

Of course, we’ve already covered Hall of Fame players  who played for the White Sox at some point during their career, so I thought I’d add a twist: what about players who were quite good (perhaps even excellent) over the course of their career, but may (or may not) be in the Hall of Fame? Those answers lie in the murky depths of today’s Sporcle: of the 44 players to have worn a White Sox uniform at some point during their career, AND logged at least 50 bWAR total for that career, how many can you name?

Quiz Parameters

  • As always last names only accepted, as well as both first and last.
  • You’ll have 15 minutes to attempt completion.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the season(s) the player was with the Sox, their position, and their career bWAR accumulated.
  • To reiterate: a player need not have logged that 50+ bWAR with just the White Sox. Heck, one player on this list only accumulated 88 PAs over 24 games for the Pale Hose before moving on. This list also includes both Hall of Famers and non-Hall of Famers, so some names should be very familiar.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • From a purely basic numbers standpoint, the pitchers on this list averaged a 3.23 ERA (3.38 FIP), 13.18% strikeouts, and 7.07% walks.
  • Similarly, basic numbers for hitters: a career slash of: .289/.374/.468
  • Perhaps this won’t surprise some of you, but it stood out to me: one player on this list, during the course of their entire career, never recorded a single sacrifice hit.

Direct link here

All data from baseballreference.com


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38. Not bad. Only mad I missed one.


31. Should have had about 6 or 7 others. Surprised about a few who don’t make this list.


41/44 on the Kenny Always Gets His Man Even Decades Before He Became GM Sporcle. I’m a little sad another 1986 player didn’t show up as the perfect example of a great player who was completely cooked by the time he reached Comiskey.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I forgot he was even on the Sox.


you mean Kenny Williams?


urrgh.  badly done.  Was so excited to make a KW 1986 joke that I glossed right over the fact that he was already mentioned in that post.

Going back to worldcrossing now  . . .

Patrick Nolan

24. Not my kinda quiz. Only missed one from the era during which I followed the team though, and I was like 7 years old, so I get a pass, so WOOHOO PERFECT SCORE FOR ME!!!

I bet your history teachers loved you.

Patrick Nolan

I did great in history!

Read, memorize, regurgitate, forget, repeat.


cursed to repeat, you mean.


I got 31, not bad for me. One name in particular I was surprised not seeing, but he only had a 49 bWAR.




Love this shit. My friends and I have played the “all-time Sox team if the only requirement is you played a single game for the Sox” game before. That’s a crowded outfield with Griffey/Manny/Shoeless/Minnie/Raines/Simmons.

Got 31. Only a couple that I kicked myself for forgetting.


good quiz. challenging


34. A couple I could kick myself for missing, but only one I am ashamed to have missed. One of my all-time favorite players, but never actually thought of him in terms of WAR before, but he finished with 52.2. My head hangs.