Sox trade Hudson, Holmberg for Jackson

According to Jon Heyman:

dbacks get daniel hudson and david holmberg for jacksonless than a minute ago via web

Use this thread for all subsequent trade talk.

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this makes no sense at all, unless they desperately needed jackson to get dunn


one would hope this seals the deal on Dunn, but who’s our number 5 guys now? if garcia wasn’t so shaky, they could almost get by with just 4 but you can’t put garcia through that much work


Soooooo Stupid! This doesn’t make any sense at all. $8 million pitcher (next year) with terrible numbers for a cheap pitcher that could put up similar numbers (probably). I don’t understand this at all.


Sometimes I really hate Kenny Williams. I feel that sometimes he makes moves just for the sake of making moves.


Pausing mid-vomit awaiting the dropping of a second shoe that might make this sensible.


Same here.


is berkman a better fit for the sox then dunn?


No. Berkman is older, more expensive, not hitting as well this year, and has a no-trade clause.


change a scenery may help that avg. he is a career .300 hitter with almost similar power numbers, which I would think could come back playing at the cell where balls fly out consistently. just saying, the astros at this point are probably more likely to deal berkman for a lower price than washington will on dunn.


If the price is way lower, that’s fine with me. Berkman hasn’t sounded very eager to leave town until the offseason, though.


Horrible, horrible trade, even IF Dunn is the back end of this. Like blacksox said — “who’s our number five if they flip Jackson?” Kenny will regret this one more than Teahen, Gio Gonzalez or Swisher.
They must think awfully little of Hudson to trade him for a guy who’s been getting shelled with regularity in the shit NL.


tony pena has asked ozzie for the chance to start accoridng to


There has to be more to this. this has to be a precursor to something right?


I’m guessing Hudson has some horribly rare disease that won’t show up on physicals. He won’t pitch for more than a year before he ends up on the DL forever.
That’s the only way that things make sense for me.
Then again I was never really sold on Loiaza for Contreras.


Well Washington’s saying that they’re not taking Jackson for Dunn. Might this mean that it’s going to be Floyd or Danks for Dunn? If that’s the case, that’d suck even worse than getting Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos…


If Danks or Floyd go somewhere then I’m guessing Milwaukee for Fielder. But I doubt either of them get dealt. Pitching > Hitting.


Holy hell that would suck. I don’t think KW would even consider that deal. If that’s Rizzo’s offer, it’s time to move on to Berkman, Scott, LaRoche or Hawpe.
I know he’s having a down year, but I am still a Hawpe fan.


what about jackson and viciedo (and possibly jordan danks) for dunn and then flip brent morel to the cubs for ted lilly?


Perhaps Peavy’s rehab is WAY ahead of schedule. For what he’s paid, he should be able to pitch with either arm.