Ringing Bell

A bunch of projects and events — this site, work and other — are converging on me today, so just a few notes.
*A few Sox sites — WSI, FutureSox and I — had a conference call with Buddy Bell. I’ll share more when I preview the minor league teams, but the most interesting things I learned:
No. 1: Bell agreed with my comparison of Jordan Danks to Darin Erstad, although the good, early-career version. He said that Danks doesn’t have problems with the fastball, but is oriented to go the opposite way, which he’d prefer over “pull-conscious” hitters.
No. 2: C.J. Retherford is going to get plenty of utility work this year with the Knights.
No. 3: They’re going to move the fences back at Charlotte after this season to bring it closer to Birmingham’s dimensions.
Highlights from Thursday’s 5-3 loss to San Diego:

  • Mark Buehrle allowed no earned runs over five innings.  Two unearned runs came around to score after Alex Rios dropped a two-out flyball.
  • Mark Teahen, Mendoza Line. Mendoza Line, Mark Teahen. He went 1-for-3.
  • Sergio Santos allowed his first two runs of the spring on two hits and a walk. He struck out two.
  • It also became known that Santos was in a break dancing group in junior high, and he went by the nickname of “Mr. Wizard.”
  • Brent Lillibridge hit a solo homer.

Christian Marrero Reading Room:
*Jake Peavy and Daniel Hudson have a healthy mutual respect for one another.  Fun quote:

“I sat with some pitching coaches from San Diego [recently] and they were talking about some of the guys they had over there. So much physical talent, but they didn’t like their makeup. It’s a huge part of being successful in this league.”

“A certain pitcher … for privacy’s sake, let’s call him Aaron P….”
*The Sox play in Tucson for the last time today, and Ozzie Guillen is getting misty:

  • Love tucson great city great memories first town is a manager yesssss never forgat that
  • Why I love this town so much very cool town very calm to bad is my last to game fort me hear for now lol

As Ozzie might say, “Here, here.”

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No, that’s too obvious. Let’s call him “A. Poreda.”
Mr. Wizard! That’s some nice police work, Teahen’s dog.


I dont like the idea of AAA moving the fences back, I want that to be a hitters park because the pitchers we send there will be better prepared for the cell then.