Designated hitter: Lance Broadway?

A trade once considered unremarkable, the Lance Broadway-Ramon Castro deal now has a pretty … um, unique … footnote:
It may be the first trade in Sox history in which both parties have been accused of assaulting women.
Castro was accused of rape in 2004; the charge was dismissed in return for a no contest plea on a misdemeanor indecent assault charge.
Now, a Houston man has filed a suit against Broadway, accusing him of the following series of events:

“[Broadway]’s taken his shirt off, he takes a running start from Ivan’s left-hand side, punching Ivan in the left side of the face, knocking him out. It broke his orbital socket, broke his cheekbone…shattered his nose, detached his retina….”
Sorrels said that McGuire kicked Pinney in the face after he had dropped to his knees. Afterwards, according to Sorrels, a brawl broke out and Broadway punched several women, knocking one out. (A Dallas Police Department spokesperson told Hair Balls that an investigation is ongoing).

I’d forgotten Broadway was in the Toronto Blue Jays’ organization.  The Mets non-tendered him.

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“A Dallas Police Department spokesperson told Hair Balls that an investigation is ongoing.”
I like that sentence.
That is all.


Looks like he fnally found a way to be more overpowering.


“Broadway first attempted to strike out the women but he couldn’t, so he punched them instead.”


Using the handy Jersey Shore nickname generator, he would be Lance “The Condition” Broadway.


I’d knock a bitch out, too, if she called me “Lance.”