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Since he shares a dugout with Ozzie Guillen, Don Cooper doesn’t always get the credit he deserves when it comes to quotability.  Soak this one in:

“Lack of conditioning, lack of preparation makes cowards of us all.”

If that doesn’t fire you up, what will?  Anyway, Cooper’s urging his pitchers to show up to spring in better shape, with Mark Buehrle trying a shoulder-strengthening program in the offseason.
Writing fatigue is making a coward of me, so let’s just go with a massive link dump:
*Everybody’s saying the same thing about the free agent pool — it’s worth it to wait.  Kenny Williams says agents shouldn’t take that approach, though:

“I don’t know if January is going to be January as it has the last two years, where some very good players have been out there,” Williams said. “If I’m those players and those players agents, I don’t know if I’m going to wait for that team to come sweep me off of my feet in January. You might want to take the best deal you can get, as early as you can.

This leads us to a…

*…funny question in Scott Merkin’s mailbag:

I’m a huge Scotty Podsednik fan. His positive energy at the top of the lineup is electrifying. Please tell us he’ll be in a White Sox uniform for years to come.
— Caroyln, Chicago

If you believe the Sox are more interested in Podsednik’s services than Kenny Williams is letting on, then it’s interesting to see the dance they’re doing.  Williams said that Podsednik wanted more than the Sox were willing to pay before the GM meetings in Chicago, but Joe Cowley (in a radio interview) seems to think they’re closer than they appear.  You could read the quote about players jumping on deals early as a message to Pods if you want to.
*John Grabow certainly heeded Williams’ advice about signing early, as this Baseball Think Factory headline says:

Cubs sign Grabow to some dumbass contract

Grabow will cost the North Siders $7.5 million over two years, reportedly, which seems really high for a guy who walks a batter every other inning. You may remember that Paul had an interest in Grabow in his offseason plan, but at a much more reasonable deal — one  year, $2.5-3 million.
*Gordon Beckham relays interesting info from Chris Getz:

“From what I have heard from (former Sox second baseman  Chris Getz), it is kind of difficult to communicate with Alexei. I will make sure we know the signals we can give each other, or different words we know in each other’s language so we can figure out who is covering the bag.”

I still think Getz is trying to save face from the time when he covered second on a ground ball to the right side in the Metrodome.
Arizona Fall League:

  • Scottsdale 17, Peoria 9
    • Jordan Danks homered, walked, drove in three runs and scored three times. He also struck out once.
    • Brent Morel had three hits for the second straight game (or third, if you count his four-hit game on Tuesday). He doubled, walked and drove in three runs.
    • Sergio Santos struck out two over a scoreless inning.

A couple AFL links:
*Baseball America has a Jordan Danks write-up: Trouble pulling the fastball, versatile outfielder, great baserunner.
*Morel, who has 19 hits in his last 33 at-bats and the same number of walks and strikeouts (three), is getting plenty of attention from MLB.com and the Tribune.
*DVR reminder! Catch Sox prospects in action in the AFL championship game on MLB Network at 2:30 EST/1:30 CST.

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Sox close to deal with Omar Vizquel, I mean he is a good mentor but….


Seems like of redundant, what with Nix already filling the backup infielder role. Maybe it’s cause he can speak spanish and help bridge the language gap between Alexei and Beckham.


Its because Nix was an absolute butcher at shortstop when alexei was out for that week in the middle of the year. This gives the sox a quality backup infielder at every spot and his leadership and coaching skills will help beckham and alexei out quite a bit. This is a pretty smart move as long as its only in the 1 mil range.


Sometimes Kenny gets a jones for a particular player, and he’ll find a way to get him on the roster. (See: Griffey, Ken, Jr.) Vizquel was the guy Kenny wanted years ago who signed at the last minute with San Francisco, and Kenny’s been in stealth mode ever since. Expect the Sox to find a way to get Torri Hunter before he retires.
The other way to read Kenny’s comments about January signings is as a signal to the other GM’s that “Let’s all wait until January to sign anybody, so the players will all get hungry and the prices will come down.” It serves the same function as your local store’s advertisement saying “we’ll match any price you can bring in from a competitor” which simply signals the other stores “Don’t bother running a sale, because we won’t let you profit from it. Keep your prices nice and high and we’ll all make money.”


He’s dangerously close to having that “California cool” every Chicago sportswriter hates so much.


Also the same as his “I love my dogs” voice. Can’t find the clip, but they showed off his Vizslas on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101. Nothing special, but at least he’s exercising his arm playing fetch in the offseason. Take that, Coop.


Here’s Merkins insight on vizquel:
Should the White Sox complete a deal with Vizquel, it could pose a serious challenge for Jayson Nix and Brent Lillibridge. Barring any other additions, the two players could be competing for one roster spot.


Unless the Little Bridge completely makes himself over as a hitter, I can’t believe he would ever get more than a token consideration for 25th spot on the roster.