Prospect odd and ends, and another offseason plan

Before going into our next offseason plan, here’s C.J. Retherford hitting a homer off Stephen Strasburg. His at-bat begins at the 1:30 mark:
[youtube width=”480″ height=”295″][/youtube] (h/t Larry at South Side Sox.)
And now onto our third set of 2009-10 plans, courtesy of Kevin:
Arbitration and re-signings:
1. Decline arbitration to Dotel
This just seems academic. Dotel has performed relatively well, but the organization needs to focus on stockpiling young, fringy arms that usually comprise an economically sound and statistically palatable bullpen.
2. Decline Dye’s option.
Is there a sound argument for this bringing him back? He clearly can’t play defense anymore, and his bat is too much of a risk to pencil in at designated hitter for $12 million.
Podsednik walks.
Castro walks.
Re-sign Kotsay for 1 year, $1.75 million.
Free agents:
Sign Henry Blanco for 1 year, $1.5 million.
AJ Pierzynski, Jon Link and cash to the Rockies for Seth Smith and Parker Frazier
This hinges on the assumption that the Rockies will decline Torrealba’s option and will consider Pierzynski an upgrade from Iannetta. While I consider Iannetta an above average catcher in every sense of the term, I think their reluctance to play him over Yorvit tells me they’d consider this move. They’d also probably have to move Brad Hawpe in a separate deal in order to swallow Pierzynski’s salary. Looking at the UZR (limited sample size, I know) of each of their outfielders, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’d go to a super athletic outfield of Fowler-Young-Gonzalez in the coming years. Not too many balls would drop between those guys.
Frazier is a good, young, projectable arm. Perhaps they wouldn’t throw him in so easily, but I think they may value Pierzynski as the type of veteran that could put them over the top.
Chris Getz, Christian Marrero, and Carlos Torres for Mat Gamel
If Felipe Lopez walks – and I think he will try to take advantage of a pretty good season by hitting the market – the Brewers will find themselves without a second baseman. They seem set at the corners and at third base (they seem to believe in McGehee), so they could move Gamel. He’s underperformed at the major league level and they should deal him before they let his development stagnate by using cost-controlled time using him as a primary pinch hitter. They could wait for Braun or Fielder to be dealt, but something tells me the Brewers would expect a position player as good as Braun or Fielder in return.
It seems like the Sox would win big here, but we have to remember that Gamel had a 1:3 BB/K ratio last season and didn’t do much else to endear himself to the Brewers. With no spot on the field and no designated hitter, I think he’s a prime candidate to move.
C: Flowers
1B: Konerko
2B: Nix
3B: Beckham
SS: Ramirez
LF: Quentin
CF: Rios
RF: Smith
DH: Gamel
De Aza
Baseball America released its draft report card.  The winners:

BEST PURE HITTER: OF Nick Ciolli (10)
BEST POWER HITTER:: C Josh Phegley (2)
FASTEST RUNNER:: OF Jared Mitchell (1)
BEST FASTBALL: RHP Ryan Buch (velocity), RHPs Taylor Thompson, Kyle Bellamy (sink)
BEST SECONDARY PITCH: Buch’s curve can also be a plus pitch […] LHP David Holmberg (2) […] has good feel for a change and a plus curveball he commands well.
BEST ATHLETE:  Mitchell.
MOST INTRIGUING BACKGROUND:: Trayce Thompson (2), Mitchell
THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY: After trading LHPs

Arizona Fall League:

  • Friday: Scottsdale 8, Peoria 7
    • Jordan Danks went 2-for-4 with a double, walk and three RBI.
    • C.J. Retherford went 0-for-4 with a walk and an RBI.
    • Sergio Santos gave up a run on two hits and two walks over 1 1/3 innings. He struck out two.
  • Saturday: Peoria Saguaros 6, Peoria Javelinas 0
    • Danks went 2-for-3 with a walk; Retherford went 1-for-3 with a K.
    • Matt Long struck out two and walked one over two hitless innings.


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I like both the Smith and Gamel pickups. Low salaries, young, expendable by their teams. What is the book on Gamel’s defense?
Didn’t make his defense sound too good.
Why wouldn’t you spend any of the $ you saved by trading Pierzynski? Would you eat any of his salary in the trade? If you didn’t eat any of his salary than I like the idea of picking up Polanco.
What is your batting order?


Jim, I know Southsidesox does a thing where some of the posters get together and watch the world series at a bar. Have you ever thought about organizing something like that for soxmachine followers? Might be fun.


Interesting trade proposals. It isn’t every day you read proposals that are actually reasonable!
While the AJ trade you mention would benefit both teams, I don’t see the Sox throwing Flowers into a full-time catching job right away. I think they like the position they are in and probably plan on having AJ walk after this year or move into a more reserve role for future teams.
I like the buy low option on Matt Gamel. The only question is if the Brewers plan on selling low. I like that trade, if it is a precursor to a signing of Placido Polanco. Nix shouldn’t be a starter.
I echo striker’s comment, What is your proposed batting order Kevin?


I don’t like the idea of trading AJ and I’m not sure the Rockies would like that deal either. He is a free agent after this year so I don’t think Colorado would give that much up for 1 year of AJ at a high salary. I like the idea of AJ staying with our excellent rotation and working with Flowers next year. I wouldn’t trust Flowers at this stage in his development catching our veteran staff full time.


Is it just me or does Retherford have a bit of Uribe-Profundo look to his home run swing?


I like trying to buy low on gamel but where the heck would getz fit into the brewers plans????