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Maybe I should’ve added Brent Lillibridge to the last post about guys who need to see more playing time.  From Cardboard Gods:

And at the other end of the spectrum from budding All-Time greats Pujols and Mauer chasing down the accomplishments of legendary figures from baseball’s past, there is Brent Lillibridge attempting to free himself from the clutches of the ghosts of obscurity and impotence on the following list:

1. Steve Staggs, 1978 Oakland A’s 97
2. Mike Fischlin, 1978 Houston Astros 95
3. Eddie Lake, 1941 St. Louis Cardinals 92
4. Brent Lillibridge, 2009 White Sox 90
5. Lou Camilli, 1971 Cleveland Indians 89

The numbers at the right of the list refer to the players’ plate appearances in the listed season, and inclusion on the list rests solely upon the persisting inability throughout the season to push a single teammate across home plate via a base hit, walk, hit-by-pitch, fielder’s choice groundout, sacrifice bunt, or sacrifice fly (thanks to Joe Stillwell of STATS for passing the list along to me). Lillibridge’s latest chance to alter the zero under “RBI” in his season totals came several days ago, on Friday, when he pinch-hit late in an 11-0 loss to the Kansas City Royals. He struck out looking. The effort, or lack thereof, nudged him past Lou Camilli and into fourth place on the all-time list of RBI-less guys.

I’m taking the train down to New York City for the weekend. Have at it.

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When you think about it, that’s pretty hard to do–go a whole season without an RBI. If he’s smart, he’ll try NOT to get one. That way his career will be remembered for something.


I’m going to the game tonight and am going to be lucky enough to see ramon castro play in person. I’m glad to see he’s still getting starts over flowers even after we’ve been mathematically eliminated.


ozzie changed his mind i guess. game still sucked though.