They won't go home again

Looks like I missed an eventful weekend as the White Sox wrapped up their home schedule.
*Ozzie Guillen didn’t like how the Sox watched college football after their 12-5 loss on Saturday. The next day, he explained that he’s trying to have his players set the right example for the young ones.
It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think A.J. Pierzynski has much of a desire to give life lessons to Tyler Flowers.
*Daniel Hudson picked up his first major-league win, even though his location was pretty off in the Sox’s 8-4 in on Sunday. Also, Flowers caught his first major-league game on Saturday.
*Jermaine Dye got a standing ovation in what could have possibly been his last home game on Sunday. Guillen calls him one of the top two players he’s ever managed.
*Brent Lillibridge could see some playing time over the last week of the season. Two more games should do it.
*Something I wish I knew sooner: I’m reading Peter Morris’ Catcher: How the Man Behind the Plate Became an American Folk Hero. I’m only about a quarter of the way through it, but this paragraph caught my eye:

During the (1870 season) spring’s games, scores plummeted , and an increasing number of clubs responded by opting for the “dead ball.” Then on July 23, 1870, the unthinkable happenedwhen the hard-hitting and highly paid White Stockings of Chicago went through an entire game without scoring. The baseball world reacted with astonishment and disbelief. In addition, since there had never been a need for a word to describe going an entire game without scoring, “being Chicagoed” became the standard term for being shut out.

If the Sox have the same problem with putting one run on the scoreboard next season, I’m definitely using this.

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Excuse me “when” the sox have the same problem putting a run up on the scoreboard. Remember greg walker is back!
I initially thought Ozzie was upset guys weren’t preparing properly for a game by watching college football. The fact that some guys stayed after the game in the dugout to watch some games it actually what I would like my team to do. Build commradery, hang out, even if it was after a loss. Not sure how that is what ozzie points to as setting a bad example. This he was just mad about another Linebrink meltdown.
Hudson looked pretty solid again, really wish I didnt think that guy was gonna blow out his elbow, but I still do.


I don’t even care what Ozzie says anymore. The more and more I think about it, the more I think he is part of the problem. I live out in CO so I see/hear alot of Rockies news. I was talking to a co-worker about them a few months back and I said they need to fire Hurdle. Two days later they did and that team is going to make the playoffs. At some point management has to take responsibility. You can’t always blame the players.
Hudson actually looked bad, IMO. He fell behind alot of the hitters, including going 3-0 several times. The combination of Hudson’s pitches and Detroit’s bad hitting kept Hudson out of trouble. I think it’s still just nerves. Once he gets enough confidence to throw strike 1, he will be a very effective pitcher.


For a guy like Hudson making his first couple starts of his career I prefer to look a lot more at “stuff” then I do results. Your right he was shaky in the zone again for the 2nd straight start but…. being able to get results when working from behind and when they are getting runners on is impressive and usually a good indication of excellent “stuff”.


Didnt they just pay scott skiles to go away??? Different sport same idea and owner.
I dont think ozzie is going anywhere but its not out of the question if 2010 resembles 2009 that he will be on a hot seat.


Wait a minute. Weren’t those particular White Stockings the team that eventually became the Chicago Cubs? Getting Chicagoed is what Matt Cain almost did to the Northsiders yesterday.


I’m sure you know this, but David Holmberg and Santos Rodriguez made Baseball America’s Appy League Top 20 Prospects list.


Whoops. Trayce Thompson did too.


Lillbridge gets his first RBI on a rolling swinging bunt that was bobbled haha wow!