Monday morning quarterback

I’ve spent most of the evening doing work on the front page (see the links and page devoted to White Sox Outsider 2009), but here are a couple of questions I’ll toss out there before getting some sleep.
No. 1: Why didn’t Ozzie Guillen pinch-hit for Jermaine Dye?
Here are words you haven’t seen often: I was disappointed when Alexei Ramirez drew a walk.
Joakim Soria walked him on five pitches, bringing Jermaine Dye to the plate with the bases loaded. We know what happened — Dye hit a lazy fly to right field into the mitt of Willie Bloomquist, and the Royals went on to win 2-1.
My dad, who was at the game, wondered why Guillen didn’t give Mark Kotsay a shot instead.
It’s a great thought. Since joining the Sox at the trade deadline, Kotsay has eight extra-base hits. That’s as many as Dye has since the All-Star break, and Dye’s had twice as many at-bats as Kotsay in a White Sox uniform.
This is when it’s no fun to be a manager. Pinch-hitting Kotsay for Dye is probably the best answer for the very near future, but a move like that could have implications throughout the clubhouse. Of course, you could counter that implications would be welcome, since benching Dye, Carlos Quentin and Alex Rios all at the same time resulted Luke Hochevar throwing a three-hit shutout. Actually winning without the services of the alleged “best” players would be a real shot across the bow.
Creating a rift between Dye and Guillen wouldn’t be too costly, considering Dye’s second-half OPS is a Timoriffic .542.  But there’s a risk in creating a rift between Guillen and one of the more popular figures in the Sox clubhouse. As an outsider, I can only hope the thought crossed Guillen’s mind, and that he, too, isn’t on auto-pilot.
No. 2: How do you think Daniel Hudson will fare?
D.J. Carrasco was Guillen’s first idea in replacing Gavin Floyd, but he smartly avoided that plan. As good as Carrasco’s been, he still have problems with lefties (.311/.387/.460), and the Twins have three of them (formerly four) who routinely give the Sox fits.
Hudson held minor-league lefties to a .160 average, but watching him pitch in the majors, it’s hard to see how. He has good movement away from left-handed hitters on his fastball, but he doesn’t appear to have anything to crowd lefties with inside, and his changeup still needs work.
I think he might be able to get by with Jake Peavy’s output — five innings, three runs — but I’m skeptical that he could go further, and to greater effect.  Minor-league hitters can be overpowered by a fastball; major-league hitters, not so much.

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Ozzie is loyal to a fault to his veterans on the ballclub. He would rather lose a game than embarrass a player on the field.


If JD isn’t embarrassed by now, he doesn’t know how to be. I think it’s more like knoxfire30 says below, that Ozzie tends to manage big-picture in these situations (i.e., giving him an extended opportunity to turn it around).
The shocking thing is that Dye went from .302/.375/.567 in the first half to .168/.276/.260 in the second half. That’s a serious and sustained black hole in the lineup from a difference-maker corner outfielder, an off-the-cliff regression.


Yea, ozzie is loyal to a fault but the greater good is the big picture here. The season is lost, as much as Detroit has given us a million tries to get back in it, its over. Sitting dye for kotsay would have been the right move and justified in a 2 or 3 game race, but 6 back… likely to many roughled feather to be worth it. You dont want to have the reputation of not being a players manager, and you certainly dont want to get that tag placed on you trying to win a game that likely is meaningless.
Im excited to see hudson. Garcia has locked into the 5th starters job and Peavy’s slider gave me great hope for the 2010 rotation but having an extra gun in the wings is something I love seeing the sox have as guys have mounted up a lot of innings on the south side the last few years and kenny also knows how to deal extra starting pitching. His Garcia, Loaiza, and McCarthy deals come to mind immediately.


I think the bigger picture is sending a message to the entire team, especially the kids, that winning is what the game is about. I’m not so sure AJ and Konerko like the idea of Ozzie not making a good move to try to win the game. If we win that game, with the remaining games we have with Detroit, we were in it. I don’t want my manager deciding when to throw in the towel, that’s our job as fans.


As bad as JD has been the second half, you should remember he has had one of the top 10 White Sox seasons EVER. Bad season yes, horrible half yes, but he has a pedigree that doesn’t equate putting him in a position to win it as an instant failure.
I doubt AJ or Paulie would fault Ozzie for keeping our best hitter from 2006-2009.5 in a tight game over a guy who’s temporarily hot but probably not worth another year’s service in Kotsay.


Of course, we all realize JD has had a wonderful career here and was our WS MVP. I just don’t think that should give him a lifetime pass when he has been in a 2 month slump from hell. I think the best managers are the ones who play to win each game and don’t really care what the press or players feelings are. Do you want Dusty Baker or would you rather have LaRussa or Leyland?
And besides, Dye will not be here next year so it will only be uncomfortable for Ozzie for two weeks. Kotsay, on the other hand will be back.


I’m excited to see Hudson too. If Garcia is a given for #5 then look for Hudson to get traded, if he isn’t an option for the bullpen. KW sells high.


Sox usually trade guys they feel the organization doesnt need. With Garcia’s shaky arm health and MB, Floyd, and Danks logging a ton of innings, not to mention Peavy having an injury filled season they arent going to just trade Hudson cause they look like they have 5 capable starters.
Now if we get to July 31 next year looking like a team destine for post season play, then yes you may have to deal Hudson in the right move to acquire another major peace.
Either way, it will be fun to see the kid tonight, and I like the idea going into 2010 with a deep and talented starting rotation.


hey jim, just wondering what the ETA is for outsider 2010? count me in for one