First Pitch: White Sox vs. Athletics

Guaranteed Rate Field from center field

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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I know the mutual option is unlikely to be exercised, but what are the chances the Sox resign Clevinger?


As much as I don’t want to see him back, it’s getting easier to envision a scenario in which they offer him two or three years to come back after the option is declined. With Cease being the only reliable starting pitcher definitely returning in 2024 and the Sox presumably continuing not to participate in the top tier of the market, seems like a reasonable fit from baseball and financial perspectives.


I agree. He’s been pretty much their best starter. I have no idea what is wrong with Cease but a real good pitcher can’t go from being a runner up in the Cy Young voting to looking lost. I know he’s had some good games but not nearly enough. Now Kopech on the other hand looks a total mess. The Sox really have their work cut out for them this off season and I’m not confident. Whenever Grifol says they have a ton of talent on this team I want to gag.


You know your team is a mess when the question is whether someone with Clevinger’s baggage would, under any circumstances, want to play for your team.


After 6 innings the Yahoo box score showed Clevinger with 90 pitches. After 7 he had 95. Did he really have a 5 pitch inning?


Have we had a pitcher go into the 8th inning in recent months/this season?


I’m pretty sure no, but I don’t have stats to back that


I guess we still haven’t


Moncada was not going to allow this team to finish the season with only 51 wins.

Joliet Orange Sox

We all know Moncada is injury-prone. The debate around here has been if he’s any good when healthy. Over the last three weeks since Moncada said his back felt good for the first time in months, Moncada has 69 plate appearances and his ops is 0.900. We’ll see if he can stay healthy.

I know 69 plate appearances is a small sample size. Much smaller sample sizes have been used to draw conclusions on this site. We had some prospects acquired at the deadline written off after one game.


I’m not a fan of Moncada but I don’t think there’s any question that if he could stay healthy he can hit. Him, Jimenez and Anderson. They need to stay healthy to have a good affect on this team. And Moncada’s D is always good. But because these guys struggle to stay healthy and we’ve know that, my personal biggest disappointment is Vaughn. He should have a better grip on things by now. I know he was rushed to the bigs too fast but……….
I’m just going to be very interested to see who’s hired, to see if Grifol does indeed come back and what the Sox do in the off season.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Anyone with a brain knows that when healthy he’s really good. The issues are a) he’s either out or playing hurt way too much and backs are such that he might not ever be healthy for a full season, and b) some people were never going to like him no matter what because he’s a quiet person and a flashy dresser, so he doesn’t fit their definition of a “ballplayer”.


Your opening sentence shows either you’re the meatball you accused me of or how little you actually know about the game.


Very nice. When the season is long over.