P.O. Sox: White Sox regrets, tendencies and worst-case scenarios

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Being a fan of the White Sox, its a cognitive dissonance. Winning feels like a loss and losing feels like pain, there is no outcome that can satisfy because this season just feels like what we were used to for many years prior to 2020. 75-87 record is about what I thought was going to happen, but really tried to give Grifol benefit of doubt that maybe something would change. Its too bad, this org (and other Reinsdorf owned teams) have a tendency to turn hope into resentment by bringing out the worst version of personnel. And although fans and media see organization actions more now than in the 80s/90s/2000s, Jerry still thinks listening to fans would put him in the fan seats, which feels like the most passive way to say “I’m the owner, I’m better than you”


Good guys Eat Arby’s


I know Grifol doesn’t have the internet but I’d really love it if JR, Kenny, and Hahn would read Jim’s writing. Maybe they don’t have the internet, either. That would explain a lot.

Right Size Wrong Shape

At least it gives us something to aspire to. Next manager: has internet.

King Joffrey

When Hahn speaks for more than a sentence or two, I’m at risk of falling asleep. The characteristic cadence of his mundane utterances is mind-numbing. Iambic Hahnometer.


I’ve heard more interesting humidifiers.



This was a really good article using Ke’bryan Hayes as a case study. Basically, Hayes is elevating the ball more, but all his hard contact is going on the ground which basically negates the gains he’s made in LA.

Made me wonder how many Sox hitters this also applies to.

Last edited 3 months ago by BenwithVen
Right Size Wrong Shape

Now if we can just get Cleveland to acquire Leury Garcia, the division will be ours!


Jose Ruiz and Jake Diekman are both contributing to first place teams right now.

As Cirensica

Diekman has 11 appearances without allowing a run now.


This baseball team looks more like a man’s grave.

Trooper Galactus

And it’s not because they actually have Graveman.


Was that video plagiarized from the White Sox new employee orientation for management?

As Cirensica

That Comedy Bang Bang sketch was both hilarious and spot on.