Spare Parts: The AL Central continues to forgive

White Sox outfielder Clint Frazier
(Photo by David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

There’s really nothing the White Sox can say about losing 3-0 to a pitcher who entered the game with zero wins and a 10.00 ERA for his career, and given the long season, there’s usually nothing to say about it.

There might be something to say about it later in the week should the Sox fall into another pattern of unwatchability, but going 5-1 in the last six games bought them the slightest bit of a reprieve. I don’t think this team has the relentless stream of talent to rattle off 10 wins in a row, so you have to gird your loins for weeks and weeks of toil if you want to see the Sox try to get back in it.

The division’s chief competition looks like they’re going to give the White Sox the time. If you believe Zack Meisel’s theme that these Guardians love to rope-a-dope their fans by teasing with optimism before crushing them with misfortune, then perhaps Gaddis’ excellent outing is yet another tease.

Triston McKenzie and Aaron Civale are likely another rehab start or two away from rejoining the rotation, which will help. And, one would think, better days are ahead for some of the hitters who have established track records (Bell, Rosario, maybe Giménez). But there’s a lot to fix on this ship that has leaks springing up all over the place as it sails through the kiddie pool that is the AL Central.

And here’s Dan Hayes writing about the Minnesota Twins after their latest loss:

Bailey Ober was off the mark early. The Twins’ coaching staff made what appeared to be several questionable decisions at the outset as well. And Twins hitters? Well, they never got going.

The combination added up to a homestand-opening dud Monday as the Twins lost to the San Francisco Giants 4-1 in front of a crowd of 16,627 at Target Field. Ober allowed four first-inning runs, including a three-run homer, and the Twins were no match for the previously hittable Sean Manaea, who struck out eight over 3 2/3 scoreless innings. The Twins finished with only four hits in an uninspiring loss, their fifth in seven games.

With the exception of maybe the Tigers, everybody in the AL Central looks like they’re in the same boat of having to investigate fundamental flaws in their product, so nobody has any answers in this division.

With all that out of the way, I thought this Romy González quote about Hunter Gaddis was a little bit sweet.

“Everyone has their day in this game,” reasoned second baseman Romy Gonzalez, who made an outstanding play in the field but struck out three times. “Everyone’s a professional; everyone’s the best in the world. He definitely had his day. You tip your cap to him.”

González could’ve had the same said about him on Sunday, when he went 3-for-3 with a game-breaking two-run triple after entering the day hitting .132/.128/.184, so you can say (guy who had a randomly good) game recognizes (guy who had a randomly good) game.

Spare Parts

Pedro Grifol, who stood in the batter’s box for some of Liam Hendriks’ live bullpen session in Cleveland on Monday, said that Hendriks’ stuff “ticked up.” It looks like we’re not going to have any pitch data between now and his reinstatement unless he requires another rehab stint, so there’s a little bit of a leap of faith here.

Given the Frank Grimes-like run of personal misfortune that derailed his career with the White Sox, it’s cool to see him breaking out years later with the Yankees (especially since he took turns with the Guardians and Twins in between). He’s doing it with a low-spin slider that he calls the slambio.

If you believe that the A’s Las Vegas plans are so unclear because all parties want few details to be known before a funding plan is rushed through an abbreviated public debate period, then everything is going swimmingly. But it’d be something if the A’s ended up reopening discussions with Oakland after all this.

Reading this postmortem of Madison Bumgarner’s Arizona career makes one realize that Dallas Keuchel was the median outcome with that particular crop of free-agent pitchers.


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I hope to see a lot of Clint Frazier until he implodes. Why the hell not?

King Joffrey

Sox again appear ill-schooled in the fundamentals. For the Guardians, Rosario executed the faux safe sign while approaching first to perfection, without a hint of injury. When Alberto tried this risky manuever the day before, the resultant injury sidelined him for at least a game. What do they teach these guys at Spring Training?


I can’t see any reason for the Tigers to exempted from questioning about fundamental organizational flaws. Their rebuild never approached the critical mass of high-end talent that I’d argue the Sox successfully amassed, and their development record of said talent has been rather worse. Only Skubal and Greene are meeting expectations, and Skubal’s recovering from TJS. The Sox didn’t do great with two very high draft picks in Madrigal and Vaughn, but I think that’s less bad than Detroit apparently totally whiffing on two #1 *overall* picks in Mize and Torkelson. I have to think the issue is with their development staff. Their future is I think much dimmer than ours even; their farm system isn’t much better, but we’ve still got far more talent at the major league level, for either a run at the extremely uninspiring ALC crown, or a reloading of the farm system with deadline trades.

Last edited 11 months ago by a-t

Mize was looking solid in his 2nd year and making good progress till he got hit with TJS (Or some year long injury like it) as well right at the start of 22. So i dont think he can be called a bust yet.


‘21 was kinda a mirage for Mize; his ERA was a full run lower than his estimators. He got grounders and limited walks, but not many Ks and too many dingers, especially for a highly polished #1 pick.


They have a new POBO who’s building the org from the ground up. Barely anything about the Tigers org resembles his plan and processes yet, everything is held-over from the Avila regime.


Indeed it’s what we hope to go thru this off-season

As Cirensica

Looks at picture from post: Adam Haseley fielding face always looks strained.

As Cirensica

Or was that Clint Frazier?

As Cirensica

I mean, it reminded me that picture Jim M had in his twitter profile. Jim changed it now to a Nashville guitar, but he knows which one I am talking about.


Just saw Julio Teheran opted out of his minor league deal with the Padres. He’s slightly more interesting to me than Pineda and Archer, since his stuff has never really depended on velocity.

edit: Oops! Already signed with Milwaukee.

Last edited 11 months ago by bobsquad
As Cirensica

The Giants signed joe Ross to a minor league contract, I wonder how is he doing? He used to be OK. I checked the Giant’s triple A team, and it appears Ross hasn’t pitched yet.


I wanna take a moment to check in on our 2B and RF situations, and on dudes that we wanted the Sox to sign to address those situations.

Sox collective 2B: .130/.181/.199, wRC+ of 1. Last in the league by a mile ofc.
Defensive value: +3 DRS, +1 RAA, 10th by DRS-based dWAR.
Main guy: Andrus, .201/.280/.254, 50 wRC+, -0.1 fWAR in 151 PA

Dudes suggested as 2B options:

Nicky Lopez: .207/.333/.328, 88 wRC+, 0.4 fWAR in 71 PA, was just activated from IL for an appendectomy funnily enough
Kolten Wong: .177/.259/.208, 40 wRC+, -0.7 fWAR in 104 PA, healthy just bad
Tony Kemp: .167/.250/.227, 41 wRC+, -0.6 fWAR in 149 PA, healthy just bad
Jean Segura: .200/.268/.236, 43 wRC+, -0.8 fWAR in 154 PA, healthy just bad
Adam Frazier: .250/.335/.407, 109 wRC+, 0.6 fWAR in 160 PA, healthy

Rough stuff, mostly. Madrigal and Joey Wendle have been replacement level, to mention another couple suggested dudes.

Sox collective RF: .201/.247/.310, 52 wRC+, somehow just 27th in league.
Defensive value: -8 DRS, -2 RAA, dead last by DRS-based dWAR.
Main guys: Sheets .214/.267/.393 for 79 wRC+, Colas .203/.263/.275 for 50 wRC+.

Dudes suggested as RF options:

Anthony Santander: .259/.337/.476, 123 wRC+, 0.6 fWAR in 190 PA (his defense is terrible)
Michael Conforto: .213/.321/.418, 106 wRC+, 0.4 fWAR in 165 PA
Robbie Grossman: .242/.295/.383, 85 wRC+, -0.2 fWAR in 166 PA
Adam Duvall: .455/.514/1.030, 309 wRC+, 1.1 fWAR in 37 PA (lol), broke his left wrist diving for a ball less than 10 days into the season. Target for return is about 20 days from now, so out ~2 months.

Joliet Orange Sox

The suspense about whether the Sox can keep their collective 2b wRC+ above zero will make compelling viewing for the rest of the season.

As Cirensica

For those who don’t remember, Kirk Rueter was a pitcher.

Last edited 11 months ago by As Cirensica
Right Size Wrong Shape

Listen, we’re being overly critical of Hahn. Sure, he’s never employed a 2-war second baseman, but he’s only had the job for 11 years. Give him some time to address it.


That includes the 3 for 3 bump? Looking at the list of options going in and it looks like there was almost no way to avoid this shitshow.

I had us trading TA for Michael Busch but in the end that would’ve just moved our problems over to SS.


I guess we could’ve gotten Paul DeJong for a bag of balls too, that would be looking pretty good right now. There’s just no way JR was going to pickup that contract, even though we are paying Leury and Diekman that much to not play for us.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through the comments the fields start to shrink, and it makes me feel like the universe is closing in on itself. A few days ago I had to type a reply into a tiny little box, and it gave me shortness of breath. It might just be a me problem.

As Cirensica

Sox Machine is the whole package of being a White Sox fan.

If they remain boxes but get very small that sounds like a Right Shape Wrong Size problem.

I knew that was coming. Why can’t you guys get past my name and see me for who I really am?


Jim mentioned we may have to gird our loins. Frankly, my loins are sore from me girding them so much being a Sox fan and all.