FutureSox Podcast: 2023 Preseason Top 30 Prospect Show

It’s here! The 2023 Chicago White Sox top 30 prospect list is available on SoxMachine.com. Mike Rankin and James Fox discussed the best prospects the White Sox have to offer in their system and shared perspective on each of the names listed. Learn about players such as: Colson Montgomery, Bryan Ramos, Peyton Pallette, Jonathan Cannon, Ryan Burrows, Jordan Sprinkle, Tyler Schweitzer and many more.

Spotify — https://open.spotify.com/show/3n2MHOBJsncp3DjHbcjXZL

Apple — https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/futuresox-podcast/id850054474

Podbay — https://podbay.fm/p/futuresox-podcast

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Assuming Garcia isnt cut gonna be a semi crowded charlotte infield no? Not sure how Romy would make the team so if he goes back to AAA and you already have Burger at 3rd, Sosa/Remilliard SS, Rodriguez/Yolbert 2nd and I think Laz Rivera is still around then the NRI’s like Alberto and Gonzalez…. seems like thats a lot of guys for a few spots.


100% agree that Charlotte MI is getting crowded.


While the current system does not grade high, I think there is some room to grow. The organization seems to have a bit new philosophy in finding talent and developing talent. If it has some good growth in prospects, they can shoot up to a midlevel system pretty quickly.


Right now, it seems the “fulcrum” (to use a throwback word) is high-school pitching. This is a critical year for guys like Thompson and Kelley, and we don’t yet know what they have in Schultz. If the Sox can show they have some clue what to do with these guys and they make gains, the system could look a lot stronger in a hurry. If they flounder, it’s difficult to imagine the Sox getting out the bottom 5, after Colas and Burke graduate.