FutureSox Podcast: Curious case of second base & the 2023 Chicago White Sox

Mike Rankin and James Fox started the new year discussing the future of second base for the Chicago White Sox. We know the organization thinks highly of right fielder Oscar Colas, but what has the offseason plan suggested about their belief in Romy Gonzalez and Lenyn Sosa? Mike and James also listen to snippets of an interview with Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin, provided by Dan Bernstein and Laurence Holmes of 670 the Score in Chicago, about LHP Noah Schultz and the value of athletes playing multiple sports. Later, James discusses FanGraphs’ latest list of the top-26 White Sox prospects based on their unique measuring system. Happy new year, White Sox fans!

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Mike Rankin
Mike Rankin
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Bonus Baby

I’m with you on adding veteran LH2B and a 4th OF like Duvall or Laureano, but I think it’s more important than you seem to give it credit for given the Sox fast-closing “championship window.” I’d like to give Sosa/Romy/Colas first shot to start, but given how close the division might well be, then IMO it’s just not OK to put all your eggs in those rookie baskets by having no decent veteran Plan B’s.

Robert: Career 127 wRC+, Rookie 99 wRC+
TA: Career 111 wRC+, Rookie 98 wRC+
Eloy: Career 133 wRC+, Rookie 115 wRC+
Vaughn: Career 104 wRC+, Rookie 93 wRC+
Josh Harrison: Career 95 wRC+, Rookie 79 wRC+

I wish I knew a way to check average rookie production for players that had average-to-good careers, but I expect this is relatively representative. So Sosa/Romy/Colas/Rodriguez could easily turn into average or even above average MLB position players, but still not be all that good their rookie year.

It’s a point of emphasis/perspective thing, I know, but I’d much rather go get relatively high-floor veterans for LH2B and 4th OF. It might risk playing the rookies a bit less, but that seems a much more tolerable risk than wishing the team had picked up veteran options after watching a good while of replacement level production by rookies at 2B and RF.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I have an idea, how about a trade for Kemp and Laureano?