Sporcle Saturday: Dominican-born

Good morning!

Last Saturday, we reviewed the White Sox players born with Cuban roots. In the comments section, user ecivokrak requested we do a Sporcle –at some point– on White Sox players born in the Dominican Republic.

Well, ask for and ye shall receive, provided there are enough players to make for a good quiz! It also helps that it’s the offseason, and the White Sox aren’t making much news themselves. As always, any ideas you have for future Sporcles, throw ’em in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. A tip of the hat to ecivokrak for the idea.

So, today’s Sporcle: any player to make at least one appearance for the franchise –position player, DH, or pitcher– is included. In all, that’s 73 guys: how many can you name? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • Sporcle has upped the time limit for its maximum quiz length and I feel you’ll have a need for the full allotment: 25 minutes.
  • I’ve grouped pitchers first, followed by position players. For hints, I’ve provided the tenure of the player in question, and their primary position.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • There are 14 players on this list to appear in at least 100 games for the team. A current White Sox leads them all with 676 games played.
  • On the pitching front the most games pitched is 279, and for starting pitching, 106 games started.
  • The most home runs (hit for the White Sox) on this list is 87, though there are two batters on this list who are in the 500 homer club overall, just that nearly all of them came with other teams. (And one with over 400)

Direct link here

All data from stathead.com

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Right Size Wrong Shape

This was a fun one. I gave up too early and left some meat on the bone, but some of those pitchers are impossible!


53/73, and I missed a few I think others will get. The one I was most tickled to get was the 1983 outfielder, who played about as big a role on the division-winner as Jim Kern did.


Yeah, I don’t even remember him on the team.


He was there for maybe a week in September, then, oddly, got traded before the postseason began.


38/73. I just couldn’t think. There were about 25 names I should have had that I just drew a blank. Great quiz, Ted!

Joliet Orange Sox

I don’t believe some of these are names of actual players who played for the Sox. I’m impressed that Ted got Baseball Reference to post pages for these player names he made up.


My girlfriend, who is Dominican, asks me every Saturday morning how the quiz went, and last week I told her about the Cuban-born theme. She said, “What about Dominicans?” That’s why I requested it last week. One of the first Dominican White Sox players that came to mind was a certain hefty pitcher who played into his 40s, and my girlfriend was like, oh yeah, that guy, I used to pass by his big house on my way to work (in Puerto Plata).

I was guessing that there’d be 50-ish Dominican-born players but I’m not surprised there are 73. I only got 32 of them!


And thanks for the great quiz, Ted! I wonder if there are enough Venezuelan-born White Sox players for a quiz?


I’d think so, yeah, it’s faded in recent years (since the bonus skimming scandal?) but the Sox at least used to have quite a strong VZ connection. There’s definitely some famous Venezuelan SS for the Sox in there through the years.


44/73, ouch. Somehow forgot the beefy hero of the first six weeks of 2021, a then young All-Star OF they traded away, but the rest were a bunch of pitchers or guys that played a tiny bit on bad teams that I mostly had never heard of.