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The winter meetings. Was Hahn even there? I mean that as a serious question.


Now do you believe in jinxes, Jim?


Gallo is not a bad gamble at that price, but…My issue with Gallo is that we’re banking on him to return to ‘21 form. Which on its own is fine, except we’re also banking on Anderson, Giolito, Lynn, Moncada, Robert, and Grandal to return to ‘21 form along with hoping Vaughn takes the next step.

Why can’t we acquire someone that doesn’t require a bounce back? We’re back to “if everything goes right…” which is where we were right before the rebuild.

Torpedo Jones

The last undefeated picker has fallen! Jim’s streak is over with the surprising Padres deal with Bogaerts. Who saw that coming?!?


$300M contracts were previously reserved for excellent players who got to free agency at a particularly young age, or as an extension for players who were on track for same. Now it seems they are available for excellent players who are in free agency at a typical age (30). If the White Sox continue to operate below the Grandal line, then they may never sign someone projected to be more than a solid starter/regular again.


The thought of Sox Machine hiring Ken Rosenthal to bash Jerry Reinsdorf on a weekly basis is sufficiently enticing that I will play PowerBall.