White Sox 2022-23 offseason officially underway

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The Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night to bring the World Series to a close, but the White Sox began to cull their 40-man roster a couple days ago by outrighting Kyle Crick and Adam Haseley. Because Crick was on the 60-day injured list, the two moves only open up one spot on the 40-man roster, which is now at 39.

The White Sox still have Garrett Crochet, Jonathan Stiever and Danny Mendick to reinstate from the 60-day shelf, but they’ll have José Abreu, Elvis Andrus, Vince Velasquez and Johnny Cueto hitting free agency today, so the White Sox have all the room they need regardless of AJ Pollock’s status.

When do all of these decisions have to be made? I’m glad I asked.

The next five days: The White Sox will have to exercise Tim Anderson’s $12.5 million option (or $1 million buyout), and we’ll see whether they exercise Josh Harrison’s $5.625 million option for 2023 ($1 million buyout). As for Pollock, the ball is in his court. He gets to decide whether to exercise the $13 million player option, or take a $5 million buyout.

The White Sox have no qualifying offers to consider this year, because they offered one to José Abreu the last time he entered free agency.

Monday-Thursday: The annual GM meetings take place in Las Vegas.

Monday: We’ll see if Dylan Cease meets our expectations as an American League Cy Young finalist.

Thursday at 5:00 p.m. ET: Free agency begins.

Nov. 15: The deadline to add players to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft. This year’s candidates include Bryan Ramos, José Rodríguez, Yolbert Sánchez, Luis Mieses and Kade McClure.

Nov. 15: We’ll find out where Tony La Russa finished in American League Manager of the Year voting.

Nov. 16: We’ll find out where Dylan Cease finished in American League Cy Young voting.

Nov. 17: We’ll see if Cease picked up any MVP votes.

Nov. 18: The deadline to tender contracts to arbitration-eligible players. With Crick off the 40-man, the White Sox are down to seven cases: Lucas Giolito, Dylan Cease, Reynaldo López, Adam Engel, Michael Kopech, José Ruiz and Danny Mendick.

PERTINENT: White Sox can take hard look at half their arbitration-eligible players

Nov. 21: The Baseball Hall of Fame releases the BBWAA ballot. The only potential new name with White Sox ties is Jason Grilli, unless you count Chad Qualls.

Dec. 5-7: The winter meetings, a casualty of last year’s lockout, are back in San Diego, but a day shorter than they used to be.

Dec. 7: The Rule 5 draft, which wasn’t conducted last winter because of the lockout, will serve as the de facto closing ceremonies to the winter meetings.

Jan. 13-15: The Cubs Convention, which will remind everybody that the White Sox ducked out of SoxFest because they didn’t want to spend a weekend getting yelled at.

Jan. 15: International signing period opens.

Jan. 24: We’ll find out if Mark Buehrle will make it to a fourth Hall of Fame ballot.

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In my quest to find more work for you guys, it might be fun and/or illuminating to set up surveys to see who fans collectively think the Sox will actually A) trade off their 40-man; B) acquire in trades; and C) sign. You could limit people to 3 responses in each category. We’ve submitted what we want them to do. This would be what they are going to do.

Doing A would be straightforward. Set up a poll of 40 or 39 names. The other two are far more open-ended.


Based off of OPPs Liam Hendricks is the consensus #1 for A. The other 2 would be interesting to actually see.


There is a difference between OPPs (what each Sox fan would do) and predicting what the Sox will actually do. Trading Liam was one of the best ways to free up some salary to make other moves in the OPP, but I’m not sure if Hahn’s actually going to do that. It’s a reliever signing of his who has actually done well. Rick may not be able to quit him.


Well if it’s trying to guess what Rick will do then I’d just go with what is the dumbest thing the Sox could possibly do and that’s what Hahn will do. Other than that, if budget is a concern then Hendricks is #1 on who should go and most everyone agrees.


I dont see the sox trading hendrix it would be too hard to say they are still trying to win by moving their stud closer. So in my opp I shipped Gravemen to the phils (drob) replacement and took back a mid tier prospect to free up salary.


I’ll be surprised if Hendriks is dealt. Maybe someone will come at us with a ridiculous offer. I think my first 2 names would be Timmy and Burger.


Yeah, I don’t think they trade Hendricks. Or Anderson. If you can work through his ego and errors, which I think Grifol can help with, he’s a good player. I went and looked at Anderson’s fielding stats and almost half his career errors are throws. But yes, his career .962 fielding average is not good.
Here’s something else I saw looking up stats. Carlos Correa’s full name is Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer………JR! I guess the Oppenheimer Jr. is too long for his jersey!


Yes, Anderson is scatter-armed — and the next first baseman is not likely to be as good a glove as Abreu.

Augusto Barojas

Jeremy Pena had a WAR in his rookie season higher than TA7 has posted in his career. Because he can field. Tim cannot. They should either trade Tim, or more pragmatically move him to RF. He’s way faster and a way better athlete than Sheets/Vaughn, and might adapt to a decent enough RF rather easily. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but it wouldn’t take much for him to be a lot better than two first basemen who clearly don’t belong in the OF. With Tim at SS this is always going to be a poor defensive team.

If the Cubs make a splash this offseason with Swanson, they might wind up the best baseball team in Chicago in a couple years, or less. The Sox don’t exactly set the bar very high. Signing Swanson or one of the really good SS’s is about the only thing the Sox could do to actually make this team better in a significant enough way to make them relevant again in the conversation of top AL teams. It would take more than that, but lesser moves are just not going to cut it. And yet we all know they are not likely to do anything that moves the needle. Hence why all the pessimism surrounding this team proves completely justified, again and again.


I don’t or can’t disagree with what you wrote. I’m just hoping that the new manager and his staff can help Anderson on his defense.
And Moncada. Those double clutches of his drove me nuts.
I’m going to probably be wrong but I still think Hahn will make some positive moves.
I don’t follow the Braves much but I can’t see them letting Swanson go unless they have someone to step in.
And I wouldn’t mind the Sox trading Anderson. I just want the Sox to keep Cease and Robert. I like Vaughn as long as he’s at first.


“Jeremy Pena had a WAR in his rookie season higher than TA7 has posted in his career.“

That’s not true.

Jeremy Peña was 4.8 bWAR this season. Anderson matched that 4.8 bWAR just last year and was on pace to eclipse that in the COVID shortened ‘20. Anderson had 4.2 bWAR in ‘19, which isn’t far off that pace and still very good.

If we’re talking fWAR, Jeremy Peña was 3.4 last season, while Anderson was 4.5 fWAR in ‘19 and 4.7 just last year. He was on pace to eclipse both in ‘20.

I get that Anderson’s defense is frustrating and last year was very disappointing post-Al star, but Anderson at SS is not the problem.

Last edited 1 year ago by BillyKochFanClub

Sox fans and pretending good seasons didn’t happen, name a more iconic duo.


Agree that to even think about contending next year they need to sign sign a top flight SS and move Anderspn to second. Short of that they can deal anyone.

Trooper Galactus

And here I thought we’d finally moved past the silliness of trying to move Anderson to the outfield.


I think the White Sox could do many things to shake up the roster and maintain a reasonable semblance of competitiveness within a weak division. But Hahn will not act reasonably per reasons cited, like ties to his signings. Though, he did trade for and then trade away Craig Kimbrel. Perhaps there is hope.


  • Tim Anderson. I have suggested to the Los Angeles Dodgers because my gut says they do not throw huge sums after Trea Turner. Anderson is a reasonable replacement from a money perspective. Though the Dodgers highly math-metric operation will know Anderson’s flaws so maybe they will not be interested. But if, the return could be a near ready starting pitcher from their stable of minor league arms or other position players in their system (see https://www.mlb.com/prospects/dodgers/). I do not believe Anderson will net a huge return but maybe an SP4/5 type. Moving on from his poor defense and at times personality related distractions is welcoming to me. Replacing SS (and 2B for that matter) with a host of minor league talent out of spring training, some of whom have already had cups of coffee (Gonzalez, Mendick, Sosa). Eventually and maybe late 2023 brings Colson Montgomery. Perhaps by then Montgomery is considered for 3B if his SS defense doesn’t ascend in his remaining minor league seasoning.
  • Before the Sox jettisoned Jose Abreu, I had suggested also trading Andrew Vaughn. My target team and target player were the Oakland A’s prospect catcher Shea Langeliers. At the time I posted this thought it was countered with, why would the A’s do such, etc. (sorry, I have trouble finding old posts so if someone can guide me, I would be happy to go back and link to what was exchanged)? I think the main counterpoint was catcher being a premium position and Langeliers’ forecasts. My rationale was the A’s organizational catching depth, Langeliers aside. That Vaughn and Langeliers were drafted only a few slots apart in the first round. While the White Sox are receiving a premium position talent prospect, they are giving up an established major league player with a seeming ceiling of growth. Langeliers did get into 40-games in 2022 splitting time between catcher and DH. See https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/l/langesh01.shtml for details. In looking at the A’s top-30 prospects at https://www.mlb.com/prospects/athletics/, three of their top 16 are listed as having first baseman experience. But Vaughn is plug-and-play. Finally, not that such things should ever matter but Vaughn is a local Bay area product. I doubt the A’s wallow in such sentimentality. If in fact such a trade were to happen it would leave Gavin Sheets as the White Sox remaining major league experienced asset for first base. I’d ask posters if a slugging left hand prospect hitting first baseman who seems to have a ceiling is the type of player coveted – if his name were not Gavin Sheets? I am probably an outlier but frankly would prefer his bat to Vaughn’s. While no great shakes, Yasmani Grandal is his backup in 2023.
  • Liam Hendriks. Free up the money and try and get a serviceable SP4/5. Make Michael Kopech the closer!


  • Not that they will spend by if I was to target one free agent it would be Joey Gallo on a 1-year prove it deal. This immediately improves right field and other outfield defense, but it also adds another power left hand hitting bat who also walks. He is probably not ever going back to his 2017-18 Texas Rangers days, but he does provide a buffer/transition for Oscar Colas should they decide to promote him out of spring training. When Colas plays right, Gallo can DH, come off the bench, or fill in left and/or center. I would rather have Gallo than Adam Engel any day! Maybe Yoelqui Céspedes gets a shot as OF5/next man up from the minors. Is an outfield rotation of Céspedes, Robert, Gallo, Colas, and the occasional spot start by Eloy Jiménez (when not the full time DH) unreasonable? If Pollock opts in, and why wouldn’t he, they are stuck with him. $13M is sure a lot to sit on the bench so he’s the left fielder and Céspedes is only the next man up when Robert pulls a hammy or his wrist needs surgery during spring training.
  • The rotation top three of Cease, Lynn, Giolito isn’t elite, but it isn’t horrible. Perhaps they sign Johnny Cueto and/or obtain at least one decent SP4/5 in one of the above proposed trades. Maybe Jimmy Lambert or another shot for Reynaldo Lopez get considered as rotation pieces. Maybe 6’6”, 230-lb. #9 prospect Sean Burke gets a rotational shot after his quick ascension through their minor league system. He played at three levels in 2022, albeit only 2-game at Charlotte. Surely not out of 2023 spring training but #10 Christian Mena and #6 Norge Vera might not be that far away. Starting pitching may not be that bleak looking ahead. I expect to see Garrett Crochet eventually find his way to the rotation in 2024. He’ll likely be in the bullpen mix in 2023 as he ramps up post UCL recovery.

Sorry, I always get long-winded when roster construction is the topic!


Trading Hendricks would be pulling the rug out from Grifol who said he wanted the job because he believes they’re ready to win. There is no one on this roster that can accomplish
what Hendrick has. The playoffs have shown the strongest bullpen prevails.


Neither Houston or Philly had the best closer in the playoffs. Having Hendriks didn’t stop the Sox from going .500 and missing the playoffs by 11 games. Do I want a great closer? Yes absolutely. Can we get by with less than that to add the much needed hitting we lack? Yes absolutely.


Wil Smith was the Braves closer last year. This year they traded him at the deadline.


Perfect time to trade Hendriks. He’s overrated so let’s find a team that doesn’t know better.


Trading Hendricks would mean that Graveman would be the closer I would assume. Bummer would scare me more than Graveman. Crochet, if he comes back next season, would probably be a good closer but I think we’d all like to see him as a starter and I’m sure that’s what the Sox want too.
If Hendricks would bring the Sox a good 2B or OF then so be it but would a 34 year old closer bring that back in a trade?


I think they would go Lopez if Hendriks is dealt. So you’d have graveman and Kelly from the right side, bummer and crochet from the left to support him. It could work well. I know Crochet wants to start but first year from TJ might be a bullpen year then stretch him out for 24.


I would have no problem with that but Lopez wants to be a starter too.
Your way would work, no doubt.


Lopez isn’t a starter, if he hasn’t come to realize that then maybe its time to part ways.


I’m fine with him as a reliever but he stated this season he wants to be a starter. Maybe he would bring back something in a trade.

Trooper Galactus

I, for one, would not like to see Crochet as a starter.


Low key this is possibly the most viciously funny thing Jim has ever written.

“Nov. 15: We’ll find out where Tony La Russa finished in American League Manager of the Year voting.”


I didn’t know they ranked them 1st to last, because that’s the only way we’d find out where LaRussa finished.


Well, I have a feeling that the Mets will be regretting the extension they gave their closer, Diaz! That’s gonna backfire. Maybe the Sox CAN trade Hendricks!


Eppler channeled his inner Hahn there, spending that much money on your bullpen. Net Hahn cam in second with an offer just under $100 M to keep the streak of sub $100 M contracts alive. 


Rodon declines his player option, no surprise. As expected, The Sox pickup TA’s option.


I thought for sure that there would be a trade of one or even two of native speaking Spanish players given the reports that it was the clique that had disrupted any semblance of team in the club house this year. I even envisioned that there could be a trade of Moncada and Kopech for a really good starting pitcher. Hiring Hahn’s guy Grifol makes it clear that Hahn is being given a chance (and three years) that he is not as dumb as he looks right now. So if I had to bet I would say that Pollock and Harrison will be gone and the Sox will continue with the rent a player mode they have been in for the last 20 years for second and right. Everyone else stays, but Colas, Burger and Mendeck won’t play except in Charlotte.


I don’t see anything that suggests that Hahn has 3 yrs, in fact I see the opposite as the absence of KW and JR is screaming it’s all on you Rick, you will be the only one to blame.

If Grifol’s hire signifies that the Spanish speaking clique won then this is going to be a disaster and we’ll be looking for a new GM and manager next October.

I expect Rick will for the most part sits on his hands this off season which is the dumbest thing the Sox can do.


The opt-out avalanche starts as Boegarts, Correa, DeGrom, and Tijuan Walker all opt-out.


Josh Harrison option decline now official.

Augusto Barojas

Thank goodness. To transcend “mired in mediocrity” they need to do a lot better than at best slightly above mediocre players. Josh wasn’t awful but he isn’t good enough to be much of an asset, either. They need to add legit good players much better than him.