Sporcle Saturday: Pitcher start leaders since 2000

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With Lucas Giolito’s 2022 season officially in the rear-view mirror, the right-hander currently has the eighth-most starts of any White Sox starting pitcher dating back to 2000. Assuming the team keeps him around for his final year before free agency, a healthy and effective 2023 season would have him moving all the way up to fourth-most, as the starter currently occupying that spot has 169 and will presumably be pitching for a different team next season.

I suppose the title of this post is a bit misleading: today’s Sporcle isn’t just about the White Sox start leaders, but any pitcher who started at least one game for the team since 2000. In all that’s 102 names. How many can you get? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • I’ve allotted the full 20 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the number of starts and the tenure of the pitcher in question. If they returned to the team over separate stints, that is not reflected in the tenure.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • Overall, the win-loss record is 1405 wins against 1418 losses.
  • One pitcher leads this list in complete games with 27, while the next-closest is 14, followed by 9.
  • That same pitcher, if you take his entire career, has 33 CGs. That’s fourth-most during this period behind C.C. Sabathia (38), Livan Hernandez (39), and Roy Halladay (65!).
  • These 102 pitchers have combined for 38 saves in their career (not including a particularly famous postseason save)

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All data from stathead.com

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72/102, and I feel lucky to have gotten that many right. The moment I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere near a perfect score was when I thought, hell, I’ll try

Ozzie Guillen’s least favorite pitcher
Arnie Munoz
. And his name showed up!

Incredibly challenging quiz, Ted. Hats off.


60/102. There were probably at least 25 names that I should have had, but I got several names that were very obscure, including Ozzie’s least favorite pitcher! I remember that game he started. He got shelled by the Nats.


Before i try are we counting the 8 starts Keuchel made this year as “playing baseball”.

Joliet Orange Sox

This quiz was hard enough that I think I might get less than 75 if I took it again after seeing the answers.

On my first try, I got everyone with 22 or more starts except for the alliteratively named starter with 33 starts in the early part of the millennium and after then it was very hit or miss.

El Arvo

Anytime, the pitcher with 32 comes up in a sporcle, you should allow “shark” as an acceptable answer because I’m never close on spelling that one

Trooper Galactus

This list starts out with some great memories but gets ugly fast.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Only one murderer and one large scale drug traficker. Is that good?


I am surprised there aren’t more guys with just 1 or 2 starts. I would have guessed between injuries and randon September call ups there would be a long tail