Sporcle Saturday: Your 2022 Chicago White Sox

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Good morning!

I spent far too much time selecting the featured image for this post, which should go a long way in telling you what a disappointment the Chicago White Sox were this season. Really, there were quite a selection of photographs from which to choose, though I felt this particular one sums the season up nicely while also providing a snapshot into one of the many (easily) addressable problems Rick Hahn and Co. neglected to resolve.

At any rate, now that the season has come to a close for the 2022 Chicago White Sox, it’s time for the annual Sox Machine Sporcle Saturday Player Extravaganza™. That’s right, it’s the week in which I make you try to remember all of the guys you intentionally memory-holed! While there may not be any Odrisamer Despaigne’s of the world to remember this season, I’d wager there are at least a couple of names that’ll make you blanch. This year there are 44 names you’ll need to try to guess, and that number is not so different from past squads:

  • 2021: 47
  • 2020: 48
  • 2019: 47
  • 2018: 51
  • 2017: 51
  • 2016: 50
  • 2015: 40

How many can you get? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • I’ve allotted 10 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the number of games each player appeared in, and their primary position.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • The team’s 149 home runs socked is the fewest since 2015.
  • By coincidence, this year’s team scored 686 runs, the same number of runs scored as the most-recent disappointing Sox team, the 2016 crew.
  • Leury García now holds first place over Juan Uribe in most games played for the White Sox by a player from the Dominican Republic, 676 to 672 games.

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All data from baseballreference.com and stathead.com

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39/44. Forgot one OF and 4 pitchers, though one of those I just couldn’t remember his last name.


For obvious reasons, couldn’t remember Sousa and Banks’s names.

Forgot about Crick.

Attempted to forget that Anderson Severino existed.


43/44. I forgot that the guy the White Sox released after he got injured pitched in 2022.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I got that one, but like you thought he didn’t pitch for them this year and was just guessing.

Right Size Wrong Shape

42/44. Couldn’t remember the relievers with 25 and 14 appearances. Also, perfect photo to encapsulate the season. That would be a fun activity, pick the 10 best images to represent the 2022 White Sox. Engel dropping that ball against Baltimore would have to be on there, along with LaRussa sleeping and someone getting hurt.


LaRussa sleeping is up there, but I think the “Sell the Team” banner as a backdrop to La Russa standing behind Leury Garcia would be the ideal cover for the 2022 White Sox version of The Worst Team Money Could Buy.

King Joffrey

42/44. My therapist advised that with hard work and dedication, I can drive that number into the low 30’s by the new year.


31, which isn’t good, but for someone who watched as few games as I did, that’s a fairly high number.


Surprisingly I came up with Severino but couldn’t get Sousa. Also missed Crick.

Joliet Orange Sox

I missed Severino but have vague memories of him so I looked him up. He didn’t impress in his six appearances in April but he only gave up multiple runs in one outing. He pitched 2 innings in both of the other outings when he gave up a single run. The thing that struck me about his six appearances in April is that the Sox lost every game he appeared in.

Joliet Orange Sox

I’m not blaming Severino for those losses. The Sox losing all those games says alot about the April White Sox and not much about Severino.

Severino was a small mediocre (and for me forgettable) part of the 2022 Sox. His 0.0 bWAR was ahead of the negative bWAR put up by Vaughn, Sheets, Leury, and Grandal (all of whom we all remember).


42/44. Forgot ab 48 appearances and 14 appearances RPs, shouldn’t have.


Somehow I forgot the $18 million mistake lol. Also, Crick pitched this year?

Right Size Wrong Shape

OT: It’s nice to be watching extra-innings right now without the Manfred Man. It feels like real baseball.


Kluber served up a meatball to Gonzalez that finally ended it in the 15th.

Right Size Wrong Shape

What a great game. Everyone saying they were glad the Sox didn’t back in to the playoffs can kiss my butt. There’s nothing like watching your team play in the playoffs. I’m so jealous right now.


Agreed, you take any chance you get, even if they might not be one of the better teams in the playoffs on paper.


43/44 with 4 minutes remaining, but couldn’t come up with

. Now let us never speak of this assortment of meh again.


40/44. Forgot a few relievers and the laughable SP that was the first tie severed this season.


42/44 total brain cramp on

Foster and Sousa


Did I think I would ace this? No, of course not. Was it still humiliating as a beat writer to post a 40 of 44 within days of this season ending? Oh god yes.

Jim Margalus

I missed two, and I’m curious if you missed them, just becuase when I saw their names, the first thing I thought of was, “James might be the only one who remembers they were around” because of articles/quotes.

Those players?
Kyle Crick and Ryan Burr.