Shane Harmon’s Off Season Plan. Tired – Harper AND Machado. Wired – Judge AND Turner


I cannot recall at any point in my life, a season supporting a team so high on expectation and so low on delivery.

My inspiration for my OPP is the infamous pursuit of Harper AND Machado, the AND doing the heavy lifting at the time. But we fell short, were all consoled of course that we had a seat at the table and satisfied with the offseason HAUL of Alex Colome, Ivan Nova, Yonder Alonso, James McCann, Kelvin Herrera and Jon Jay

This time the table will be overturned and smashed

Too long this team has been short of genuine star power. Harper would have been perfect for this franchise. So no more. It’s time to welcome Aaron Judge and Trea Turner to the White Sox.


  • Lucas Giolito: $10.8M — TENDER
  • Dylan Cease: $5.3M — TENDER
  • Reynaldo López; $3.3M — TENDER
  • Michael Kopech: $2.2M — TENDER
  • Danny Mendick: $1M — TENDER

I’m bringing back Gio for a final year as we’re saying goodbye to Lance. ReyLo had a very solid year. And I like what we saw of Mendick pre-injury.

  • Adam Engel: $2.3M — NON-TENDER
  • Kyle Crick: $1.5M — NON-TENDER
  • José Ruiz: $1M — NON-TENDER

Bye, bye and bye.


  • Tim Anderson: $12.5M — PICK UP
  • Josh Harrison: $5.625M — DECLINE

I’m factoring Harrison’s $1.5m into my $190m budget.


  • AJ Pollock: $13M ($5 million buyout) — TAKES BUYOUT

I don’t think AJ ever looked happy in Chicago. Would you if you’d come from the Dodgers? I’m predicting he’ll bet on himself, but in reality I need him gone to fit within the budget!


  • José Abreu — LET GO
  • Johnny Cueto — LET GO
  • Vince Velasquez — LET GO
  • Elvis Andrus — LET GO

It pains me to farewell Jose, but it’s gotta be done to bring in some new star power, and also put Vaughn in his natural position. The kid has been failed big time by the club.


  • Ozzie Guillen

I’m writing this as it appears its down to two. I believe the manger gets too much praise when things are going well and too much stick when things aren’t. Just make good decisions Ozzie. It will be a ride for sure.


No. 1: Aaron Judge (eight years, $320 million). Who says no? Make it ten years if necessary. A franchise altering signing. Make up for Harper. All is forgiven Rick

No. 2: Trea Turner (eight years, $240 million).  Heyman said Turner “will consider every team in free agency”. This means us. Speed, power, defense.

No. 3: Jose Quintana (one year, $5,000,000). Started in Game 1 of the NLDS and has had a very good season. He is also loved by the fan base. Bring him back.


There will be lots of old-friend alerts in 2023 as its time to farewell Tim Anderson, Liam Hendriks and Lance Lynn

No. 1: Trade Tim Anderson and Liam Hendriks to Dodgers for Gavin Lux, Ryan Pepiot and Brusdar Graterol. We meet some of the primary Dodgers needs, move some salary and address 2B, SP and RP. Lux is also lefthanded.

No. 2: Trade Lance Lynn, Yolbert Sanchez, Jose Rodriguez and Yoelqui Cespedes to Cardinals for RHP Tink Hence. Dumping Lance salary to a team with plenty of room, and picking up a Top 100 pitching prospect for depth.

No. 3: Trade Joe Kelly and Jake Diekman to whoever for some minor league flyers and/or some AAA pitching depth. I’m eating $3m of Kelly salary and $2.5m of Diekman.


So here is my 26 man plus buyouts and cash.

I have Oscar Colas starting in April.

Grandal, Yasmani $18,250,000 C
Vaughn, Andrew $750,000 1B
Lux, Gavin $750,000 2B
Turner, Trea $30,000,000 SS
Moncada, Yoán $17,800,000 3B
Judge, Aaron $40,000,000 OF
Robert, Luis $9,500,000 OF
Colas, Oscar $750,000 OF
Jiménez, Eloy $10,333,333 DH
Mendick, Danny $1,100,000 B
Garcia, Leury $5,000,000 B
Sheets, Gavin $750,000 B
Zavala, Seby $750,000 B
Quintana, Jose $5,000,000 SP
Giolito, Lucas $10,450,000 SP
Pepiot, Ryan $750,000 SP
Cease, Dylan $4,750,000 SP
Kopech, Michael $1,750,000 SP
Martin, Davis $750,000 RP
Lambert, Jimmy $750,000 RP
Graveman, Kendall $8,000,000 RP
Bummer, Aaron $3,750,000 RP
López, Reynaldo $3,600,000 RP
Graterol, Brusdar $1,000,000 RP
Crochet, Garrett $750,000 RP
Foster, Matt $750,000 RP
Harrison, Josh (buyout) $1,500,000
Pollock, A.J. (buyout) $5,000,000
Kelly, Joe (cash) $3,000,000
Diekman, Jake (cash) $2,500,000
TOTAL: $189,783,333







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Who can say, but I think all 3 of your free agents will cost more money in AAV and/or years. I, too, had Turner and Quintana, but for 8 @ $33M and 2 @ $12M plus a club option. I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge gets more than $40 per.

All that said, I really like the team you’ve assembled. The Sox could afford it even if your targets are more expensive. Get ‘er done, Rick.