Podcast: A projected look at the remaining 2022 season with Dan Szymborski

Record Date: 7/20/2022

Guest: Dan Szymborski, FanGraphs

Josh and Dan Szymborski examine the projected outcomes for the remaining MLB 2022 season.

  • Why ZiPS still likes the Chicago White Sox best to win AL Central
  • Why the White Sox should be aggressive buyers at the deadline
  • Why the offense has another gear they can reach in production
  • ZiPS still likes Lucas Giolito, but Lance Lynn and Michael Kopech could still be 4.00+ ERA pitchers in the last 70 games.
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I “need” 3-1 vs Cleveland. I would love a sweep.
(And because I am hopeless, 2-2 would piss me off but keep me around, predicting doom)


Whats the rotation out of the break, do they get ballsy and run cease out there game 1 on normal rest ?


welp just saw on twitter, Gio Friday, Lynn/Cueto dh Saturday, Cease Sunday


ESPN has Giolito, Cueto, Lynn, and Cease. Not sure how accurate that is, but I’d definitely give Lynn and Kopech as much rest as possible. If the Sox bring up Martin as the 27th man, and with the off day on Monday, you could get them both an IL-stint’s worth of rest without actually missing a game.


I had been hoping they would call up Martin for the DH. Calling up a reliever for the DH when your bullpen is this well rested is a security blanket, I guess, but doesn’t meaningfully take advantage of the 27th man rule.

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Pity he got DFA’d now instead of a few days ago… he could’ve been an excellent BP thrower for the HR Derby

As Cirensica

He was somehow worse with Arizona than he was with the Sox. Yikes.


I can’t wait to hear the leaked stories about how dysfunctional the Diamondbacks clubhouse is


His performance spoke for itself. But I could see a GM not thinking highly of that kind of thing.


César Hernández was featured in the Statblast on Effectively Wild today. He has broken the record for most PAs without a homerun following a 21 or more homerun season. At least one guy here has opined that he would have been a savvier sign than Harrison. So far Harrison is having the better year at the plate and in the field.

For some reason, he is leading the NL in ABs (5th in PAs). Maybe playing him every day high in the order is a subtle tank job by the Nationals.

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As Cirensica

At some point during the season, Cesar was looking like a better signing after Harrison atrocious start, but I have been wrong before. Harrison has shown us, thus far, he can still be effective major league contributor.