First Pitch: White Sox vs. Tigers

Guaranteed Rate Field exterior

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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As Cirensica

Worst case scenario is to win the series against the Tigers with no sweep. We need to get over 500 this week

As Cirensica

Josh Donaldson with a gran slam against the Redsox. That’s gonna sting.

As Cirensica

Who’s this Beau Briskie? Never heard of him.

Did I ever tell you about the time I went horseback riding with Beau Briskie, but there weren’t any horses around? Well, Briskie throws a saddle on my back and rides me around Wyoming for three days. Well, wouldn’t you know it, my stamina increases with each day and I develop tremendous leg muscles. So anyway, Briskie decides to enter me in the Breeders’ Cup, right, under the name Turkish Delight. And I’m running in second place, and I’m running and I break my ankle! They’re about to shoot me. Then someone from the crowd yells out, God bless him, ‘Don’t shoot him, he’s a human.’

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You are probably a fan of Ionesco

Right down the middle, and he swung. Ball 3.

Katz was disgusted which is unusual.

This strike zone is ridiculous. They should just set up a foot outside and throw it there all night.

As Cirensica

Getting a hit this inning would be a good idea. Better if it is of the 4 bases category

As Cirensica

Lol nice bunt. Nothing but excitement with this franchise.

Party like it is 1999


Sac bunt, hope for more errors offense. The Sox coach that.


This is feeling like the Orioles series redux right now.

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Actually this feels worse than the Orioles series.

As Cirensica

Jimmy high leverage Lambert


Sox have made outs on balls in play with xBAs of:

.730 (Eloy, 107mph, in the 2nd)
.930 (TA, 104mph, 3rd)
.440 (Eloy, 86mph, 5th)
.610 (TA, 94mph, 6th)
.920 (Pollock, 99mph, 6th)

Hitting it right at guys today to an impressive degree

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As Cirensica

Today? This has been a constant all year

Should probably bunt José over, just in case

As Cirensica

Abreu tootblan. We probably need 2 homers to win this game. We cannot have runners on the bases. Stupid bunting and tootblans


Oh come on. What was that Jose?

Nothing compares 2U

Oh hell yeah LHP reliever warming for Detroit. I smell a second hit (and subsequently another TOOTBLAN).

Tough first L for Cease vs Detroit on the horizon here

Joliet Orange Sox

Is security not letting fans show a “Fire Tony” sign in view of the center field camera?

Ah well nevertheless

As Cirensica

I am glad we saved our big relievers for tomorrow as that run Banks gave luckily didn’t come back to bite us.


Who to pinch hit for Reese McGuire? Andrew Vaughn, your team’s best hitter? Seby Zavala, your team’s best hitting catcher? Nah, let’s go with Leury.I think Tony is just making decisions to troll us.


He was probably hoping for a single down two runs in the ninth.


Is Andrew Vaughn hurt and unavailable? I thought it was odd that they burn their best defensive OF Engel to PH for DH Sheets in the 8th.

And love the weak grounder from Leury on 2-0. I guess at least he swing at a strike.


Vaughn is sick but he must be very sick to not make an appearance at all. Another one of my many complaints is how the Sox have used the IL this year

Joliet Orange Sox

Good news on a night when the game provided none:

In the Athletic, Keith Law listed Colson Montgomery as one of his notable omissions from the Futures Game rosters.

Law’s Article (behind paywall)


Do you trust Hahn not to make a desperate move at trade deadline and trade Montgomery? I don’t think he is that dumb but I really fear they do something stupid to try to salvage this lifeless team.


I don’t trust anyone in this organization to properly identify talent to acquire or talent to give away, which is an unfortunate spot to be in.