White Sox Wake-Up Call: June 3, 2022

Good morning. Here’s the rundown:

  • YESTERDAY: The White Sox rallied late against Alek Manoah, then fell apart immediately afterward as the Blue Jays completed the sweep.
  • TONIGHT: The White Sox open a series in St. Petersburg against the Rays, and Davis Martin is on his way to joining them.
  • ON THE FARM: The affiliates go 0-for-3, with Winston-Salem suspended.
  • AROUND THE LEAGUE: The Twins drop four of five in Detroit, Jameson Taillon flirts with perfection, the Brewers stun the Padres, and more.

Listen below:

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AJ Pollock played one game in a row this week. Seriously. He started on Saturday, pinch hit Sunday, Monday was an off day, Tuesday he didn’t play, Wednesday he plays, Thursday he’s back on the bench…good lord. If he isn’t healthy, put him on the IL.

If we’re going to use someone who can’t hit as the DH, it may as well be someone from Charlotte. This nonsense with carrying Pollock, Grandal, and Moncada on the active roster is ridiculous. If they are hurt, put them on the IL. If the idea is that having them available to pinch hit makes us a better team, then it is worth pointing out that we just got swept.

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To Err is Herrmann

Pollock was a fair return for Kimbrel, whom Hahn should not have held onto. I was never a Joc Pederson advocate, but he finished strong with the Braves and now with San Francisco he has an OPS of .923, a slash line of .268/.340/.583, and 12 homers. Pollock has a OPS of .619, a slash line of .226/.254/.356, and 3 homers. Hahn is a mediocre GM, but again, we have known this for awhile. Despite the disappointing start, I think the Sox can still win the division, but someone–anyone–has to start hitting. Pollock is not what we needed. But we all know this as well .

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I was pretty amused when I kept seeing people suggesting over and over that the Sox signing Pederson either year would be an awful idea. Kept thinking to myself that these people must be blissfully unaware of who they’ll be putting out there instead.


I don’t think these White Sox are going to wake up.


Why would I want to ruin my day waking up to the White Sox


So the Phillies fired their manager, in part because the front office went out and put together a roster full of guys who can’t stay healthy or play defense. I kind of wish our front office would hold Tony accountable for the roster the front office put together….because clearly they aren’t going to hold him accountable for the lineups and in game decision making.

Also, Joe Girardi is now available.

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Girardi would be a definite upgrade if he has the “fire in his belly” to take it on. I know Ozzie Guillen’s a no-go because Reinsdorf/KW won’t ever swallow their pride, but he’d at a minimum wake the team up out of its malaise. This season can be turned around with the right leadership.