Sox Machine Live!: White Sox need to move on from La Russa

As the headline shows there will be a lot of talk regarding Tony La Russa in tonight’s Sox Machine Live!

The show starts at 6:30 PM CT and you can watch on the player below or on our YouTube page.

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Augusto Barojas

The title of the podcast says it all. TLR is the WOAT – worst of all time.

I have read where the players still seem supportive of him. If he were to get fired, I imagine a lot of restrained dissension among the players would finally come out. They would have to be complete morons that only care about collecting their paychecks to actually support him.

If Hahn or the players don’t say something soon, they are either cowards, or fucking stupid.


An article about it on the Sox site. Could this be a sign?

Right Size Wrong Shape

A sign that Scott Merkin might be looking for a new job.

Augusto Barojas

I had agreed with those who said that there is no chance of TLR getting fired. I now think his ineptitude is obvious to such an extreme that it is not completely out of the realm of possibility. His WAR so far is probably -5, no exaggeration. Maybe more. There has never been a manager in history who has done the kind of damage and sabotage he has done to a team. Already they are guaranteed not to host any series vs the top teams in October if they make it that far.

I think there is a small chance he will be gone by allstar break. They will play some weaker teams shortly (Rangers, Tigers) but then will have Astros, Jays, Angels, Giants. Maybe it is not as likely as I hope, but I think not impossible for him to be gone. It’s the only hope this team has, really.


Either TLR doesn’t understand WAR results of his options (1-2 pitch to Turner by lefty, or pitch to Muncy left to left), or chooses to ignore them – my guess doesn’t understand. Anyway, the historical odds in this case favored completing the AB vs.Turner. It isn’t always as simple as lefty vs. lefty.


If I’m reading fan graphs correctly, Engel hitting .256 this year versus RHP, and Gavin Sheets hitting only .221 this year versus RHP. Just another odd decision today – game’s on the line? Where’s our struggling young hitter who clearly in over his head right now? Grab a bat, young man!


Neither is a great option. But Sheets is on the team for this one opportunity to win a game.


I would have more confidence in Engel running out a slow roller then Sheets doing anything atm.


There’s something else that I overlooked, because it was such a dumb decision on its surface. If TLR wanted to walk Turner, why wouldn’t he at least try to have Sousa throw three chase pitches? Worst case, you get the stupid walk you wanted, but maybe Turner chases one for the out.

Joliet Orange Sox

You obviously have not heard that Turner is unstoppable when he has two strikes on him. The Sox were fortunate that the rules were changed recently and they were able to intentionally walk him by just signalling. Under the old intentional walk rules where they would’ve had to throw the three balls very wide, Turner’s two-strike hitting prowess might have let him reach across the plate and hit a ball 600 feet (or farther).


Re the walk, worth pointing out that Turner is really really fast. We should not have been putting him on base in the hope of getting a force at 2nd.


Whoa there guys, let’s not suggest anything rash.


Dave Dombrowski, Roland Hemond, La Russa in the early days. Sox had a knack for finding some real talent back in the day.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

The good part about being an absolute fucking moron in public and then proudly leaning into it is that no one will ever let you forget it. So at least for the rest of TLR’s miserable career any time one of his pitchers gets to a 1-2 count the entire stadium will be screaming ‘WALK HIM TONY!’


If only more fans would be that aware! I’d run out and start hollering it on my front lawn if the stadium started chanting it!

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Also LOL @ at having this steaming pile of a game and then everyone on the team having to go to a public charity event


It was a steaming pile for the manager. But the team overall played well. Burger had the big error at 3b but hes been okay all year there and been bringing it at the plate so you can kinda look the other way. The offense did manage to score 9 runs, Hell even Grandal and Harrison got a hit each and Cease did well vs a good Dodger lineup.

OJ the Bouvier

Why are you asking Rick Hahn to fire him? He didn’t have the power to prevent TLR’s hire, so why would you assume he has the power to get rid of him?


my expectation is that Hahn should fire TLR and if overruled, then force KW and JR to fire him. He has a better chance at landing another GM job by doing that vs going down with this sinking ship.


Tough spot…get known as a guy that does the right thing, or become Colin Kapernick and be ostracized for insubordination.

#3 for HOF

I think Hahn knows that he has almost no chance of landing another GM/Executive position in baseball once he leaves the White Sox, (unless this team wins a pennant in the next couple of years). He also knows that unless he is insubordinate to JR, or proves that he is completely incompetent, he likely has a job for as long as JR owns the team.

I would like him to give JR the big middle finger and call his own press conference where he announces the firing of LaRussa and force JR’s hand, but why would he do it knowing that he just committed career suicide?