First Pitch: White Sox vs. Cubs

Guaranteed Rate Field exterior

TV: Fox (Len Kasper and A.J. Pierzynski on the call)


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OJ the Bouvier

Of course La Russa speaks out against Kapler…Can he ever shut his mouth about anything?

This organization is such an embarrassment, from the top down. I hate them.


I think Tony’s opinions on political and social matters are really important! Apparently he believes that as well.


Wow Yasmani is


Eloy already had to be pulled from tonight’s rehab game with leg soreness. No worries, Harrison hitting 2nd will fix everything.

As Cirensica

But he is not injury prone per Rick Hahn 🤡

As Cirensica

Sending Yas home from 2nd with a single to shallow CF


As Cirensica

By hitting Harrison 2nd, TLR has to be sabotaging this team on purpose. There’s no other explanation.


They must move Grandal out of the middle of the order. He is such a liability to the team right now. I’d rather see McGuire play against righties.


I was trying to figure out where to put everyone but you have so many guys underperforming so terribly that it’s hard not to have a hole in the middle of the order. Once Robert comes back, I’ll feel good about 1-3 (that’s if the manager actually puts Anderson, Vaughn, Robert as 1-3). I don’t feel good about much right now.


I know who the manager is, I’m hoping that changes.


TLR has his team fired up tonight!


Burger is swinging it like he wants a shot at the 2B gig.


At this point, even with league worst defense, I’m all for it. There is a chance that not all his errors will lead to runs. There is no chance this team is going to win much if they don’t score more, and Harrison/Garcia are as bad as it gets at the plate.

I hope Moncada gets healthy and improves upon an OPS that is worse than Harrison. Burger might get more time at 3b if Moncada can’t get healthy quickly. And suck a lot less than he has so far.

As Cirensica

Harrison hitting 2nd experiment going as well as expected.

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Uncle Tony has it all figured out!

As Cirensica

Three dimensional chess stuff

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Grandal without the power is worse than Edwin Encarnacion


Gutty outing by Cueto through 6. Does TLR really need to force him to get through one more inning on a night when he isn’t on?

Augusto Barojas

TLR might be, in 2022, the worst manager in the history of MLB.

As Cirensica

He keeps our good expensive relievers fresh because that’s why we pay big bucks for them.


If Cueto is so much better with the windup, why is he out of the stretch with a man on third?

As Cirensica

why he is still pitching is a better question


Now listening to, and turning up the volume on, “Madness” by Killing Joke.

As Cirensica

What is Terry Bevington doing?


Lol AJ pretty much saying in the booth LaRussa is clueless

#3 for HOF

I can’t believe LaRusa left Cueto in there for 6 batters in the 7th. I generally don’t watch his post game meeting but do any of the best writers ask him his thought process on leaving guys in to long like tonight, or batting your worst hitters near the top of the order?

Remember how Ricky Renteria got fired for bad bullpen management of a competitive team?

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As Cirensica

Why the fuck we have a vaunted bullpen if TLR loses the game before there are meaningful innings to pitch. Now he brings Sousa. I am exhausted of this shit. TLR has to go.


Jerry needs to go as owner

Have some grace and dignity and sell.


This has been one of the most thoroughly embarrassing days for this franchise in a rather a while

Nellie Fox

Is there such a 5 run home run? Maybe Sox should play like there is not


I think in Europe

As Cirensica

Well, we can say we kept our bullpen fresh.


Oh my god if LaRussa won’t go away can he at least just shut the fuck up? Please? Enough.

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I admit to being a White Sox apologist and optimist and think this team will still win the central, but there is no joy in watching this team right now and the players don’t look like they are having fun. I am not one to call for new management, but something has to change before it is too late.


Last season was comparatively fun. I remember all the antics with Billy Hamilton, for example. He would make great plays, interact with the fans. There were a fair number fun or heroic moments last season. Nothng much from this team