Twins 9, White Sox 2: Losing streak extends to six games

After losing five straight games and attempting to spark some offense by having Leury Garcia bat in the lineup’s upper third, manager Tony La Russa made another change. Unlike watching Garcia and his -24 wRC+ bat second or third, it was Andrew Vaughn’s time to move up in the order.

Batting behind Tim Anderson, Vaughn was the lone offensive supporter in the previous night’s 2-1 loss with his 3rd home run of the season. With Byron Buxton back for Minnesota and Dylan Bundy on the mound, the hope was Vaughn could lead an offensive outburst to snap the losing streak. 

Vaughn did hit a ground-rule double in the 8th inning, but the White Sox offense only mustered six hits. Buxton had a monster day offensively as the Twins embarrassed the White Sox, 9-2. The losing streak extends to six games. 

Vince Velasquez had a rough start in his previous outing allowing four runs to the Tampa Bay Rays before settling down. However, the damage was done, and the offense didn’t score enough to overcome that deficit.

Against the Twins, Velasquez allowed a leadoff single to Buxton, another single to Luis Arraez, and walked Carlos Correa to load the bases with no outs. Velasquez had put the White Sox squarely into the Danger Zone for an offense that only scored 16 runs in their previous eight games. 

Luckily for Velasquez and the White Sox, Jorge Polanco could only muster a slow roller to Tim Anderson for the force out at second base. That play scored Buxton. Then Max Kepler and Trevor Larnach struck out, ending the threat. It took almost 30 pitches, but Velasquez limited the damage to just one run. 

More damage came to the White Sox shortly after. Eloy Jimenez hit another ground ball in the top of the second inning. He attempted to run as hard as possible in hopes of an infield single. As he lunged to first base, Jimenez didn’t get the front of the bag. Instead, his heel touched on the back of first base, causing Jimenez to trip. Clearly in pain, an injury cart was needed for Jimenez to take him off the field. 

Thanks to doubles from Ryan Jeffers and Buxton, Minnesota would score two more runs in the bottom of the inning. A three-run deficit should never feel overwhelming for a team as talented as this Chicago White Sox squad. A sign of life finally showed in the fourth inning. 

Jose Abreu flew out to deep left field as Nick Gordon made a nice catch at the wall. Yasmani Grandal followed that deep fly with one of his own, but it ricocheted off the right field wall for a double. Gavin Sheets singled to right field, celebrating his birthday, putting runners on the corners with one out. But keeping up with the dreadful play, Adam Engel struck out on three pitches. Leury Garcia flew out to center field, keeping the White Sox scoreless. 

Of course, matters got worse for the White Sox in the bottom half. Jeffers and Buxton both hit solo homers to chase away Velasquez. His final line was 3.1 IP 8 H 5 ER 1 BB 6 K. 

Bennett Sousa replaced Velasquez and only managed one out while giving up two more runs on as many hits. Kyle Crick had to put out the fire by striking out Miguel Sano to end the inning. As the game entered the halfway point, the White Sox were down 7-0. 

Twins pushed it to an 8-0 lead after five innings. White Sox finally showed some sign of life as Abreu hit his second home run of the season.

Abreu picked up his second RBI of the game driving in Danny Mendick from third base after Vaughn’s ground-rule double. 

Game Notes:

  • The current White Sox losing streak is the longest since September 20 to 25, 2020. 
  • Tim Anderson was pulled in the fifth inning. 
  • White Sox have scored 18 runs in their last nine games. 
  • Byron Buxton went 4-for-4 with an HBP.

Record: 6-8 | Box Score | StatCast


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This team is careening downhill like a drunk driver.


Great analogy, too true to be funny. They absolutely have to get rid of him.


Embarrassing is certainly appropriate to use to describe this team. April 23 and you can put it on the board in Hawk’s tone when the opposition went deep. This team is a sham. It begins with Anderson. If he is an example of a new age team leader then good luck and no thanks. This team is exactly what last post season’s performance showed they were. My 48th season and I they fool me every year going into the season with high hopes. I am the fool.

Trooper Galactus

I know he had a rough couple games here, but Anderson is one of the only White Sox actually hitting right now, so kinda curious to point the finger at him for what ails the team.


When they get home, I fully expect Anderson to take it upon himself to go out early and take grounders that’s what a leader does and that helps build team chemistry.


This comment reeks of simply waiting for an opportunity to criticize Timmy and then going full bore. I am proud to have Tim represent the White Sox. He is a class act. he will have a fine year.


Real class act flipping the bird to fans.


Cleveland fans don’t count.




It was a mistake. It does not outweigh everything hr has done for kids and for the community at large. He is a credit to his team.


Have you been to a Cleveland sporting event? The middle finger was going easy on those jabronis.


I could be wrong, not watching the games but I did see that video clip. I don’t think he was proud of how he responded in that moment. He’s got a good track record. Yankee fans were throwing things onto the field at Guardian players the other day. These are dark scary times for humanity. I don’t think people know how to respond outside of anger. This isn’t exactly the paradigm of mental health here in the US of A.


I’m keeping tabs from afar, but it sure seems the clubhouse is fractured. No pun intended in regards to the amt of injuries. Tim Anderson is the life force of this team and is a great leader in my opinion. The amount of errors are rough to put it lightly, but errors are a part of the game. Leaders do not call out other teammates publicly like Kid Keuchy did. Not a good show of leadership. Then the manager puts lineups out like he’s been doing. Personally, I believe he was trolling the fans. Un-f’n-believable nightmare. He can pull that crap and not get canned because he’s the owner’s BFF booze brother. Oof, would think it’d be hard to stay positive in that environment.

Speaking to myself and all you other sox faithful, I’m sorry 😞. Father Time never loses, ownership turnover is not far away. There’s our glimmer of hope for the future.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

I’m sure they’ll work out these kinks in the next rebuild


Yes, but they need to make sure they keep their current player development staff intact once again. The 3rd (or 4th?) rebuild will be the charm. By 2049, the White Sox might just employ a player development staff that preaches hitting the ball in the air.

Last edited 2 years ago by JimMargalusBiggestFan

If I’m Rick I give Jerry a me or Tony ultimatum, and when Jerry inexplicably chooses Tony I quit my job knowing that for my next employer, Tony is to me what Matt Nagy was to Mitch Trubisky: a very plausible explanation for why it went to shit and wasn’t my fault.


A GM that has two playoff appearances in 9 years isn’t in position to give ultimatums.


Who cares? I want Tony gone.


I’ll go to my grave never having witnessed a professional athlete less athletic and less coordinated than Eloy Jimenez.


I can see why Theo traded him. There were reports that Theo and McCloud thought he wouldn’t stay healthy in the big leagues. I guess their fears are coming to fruition.

He isn’t in good enough shape in my view. Robert looks like a physical specimen and Eloy looks heavy.


And yet they both get hurt running to first base.


My theory is this organization is prioritizing exit velocity above all else and have built their training methods around it. To the detriment of mundane everyday tasks like running down the line.


This looks like a repeat of last year. Except this time they’re not killing their AL central opponents. All year the narrative will be “this is a great team, just need to get everyone healthy”. Eloy gone, we might not see their best lineup together all year. Moncada update today wasn’t encouraging, says he is still “feeling something” when swinging lefty.

Not sure if there is any tonic that can fix all of this, but TLR is just bad juju. I think to get this going in the right direction starts with getting rid of him, and nothing else is going to overcome a manager that is as much of a downer as he is. Cut bait, the energy of the team will improve and go from there. A new manager won’t fix all but have to start somewhere. I think he is their biggest problem.

To Err is Herrmann

I’m sure there must be analytics that can tell us if there is an increase in injuries when players go for the infield single. Whether sliding head first into first base or accelerating far above normal, it doesn’t seem like it ever pays off for the White Sox and only results in injuries. In a losing streak, everything seems to go wrong.

Alfornia Jones

It’s a poorly constructed roster, and the primary blame is Hahn. No starter depth, and no team over values 1b/DH’s like the White Sox. Hahn should have resigned the day after Larussa was hired, now he just looks like a doormat who doesn’t know how to spend money to finish the job.

I wish Larussa would go away too, but he is currently armed with Kuechel and VV to hold down two SP spots. Trying to get more than 3 IP (or one time through the order) from either is beyond stupid, but he is not equipped to piece together a bullpen day: he doesn’t know how.

At least with Eloy down (looked pretty bad) it’s one less DH they have to force into the outfield.

Trooper Galactus

Why was Anderson pulled? He had a hit and hadn’t committed an error this game, so it seemed rather unusual timing, especially with a suspension looming.

Trooper Galactus

Never mind, Scott Merkin reporting that Tim had an upset stomach.


A common symptom among anyone watching the past 6 games.


For those like me who were hoping for help from Cueto, his start tonight:
2.2 IP, 5 hits, 2 walks, 3 ER. Not exactly dazzling, but he is pitching at least. Hope he has something left.


Eloy played in over 100 games during his rookie season. I’m starting to wonder whether he ever will hit that mark in a single season again.


No need to wait and see. He is not a positive member of the roster. Get him healthy and trade him.

Root Cause

I doubt Jerry would fire him for betting on Minnesota tomorrow so we have no choice but watch and wait.

Michael Kenny

I would love if we could just get a game that didn’t require the bag-over-head guy.

Augusto Barojas

My expectations for the season were not that high. Their best move in the offseason was to add an oft injured outfielder who has played in only 3 games so far. Take Eloy out of the picture, and their outfield depth is non existent. Their 2b situation has to be close to MLB worst.

Their failures to upgrade their biggest holes the way most of us would have liked will bite them all year. We can only hope Eloy is only out 2-3 months, but you have to wonder what he gives them longer term anyway. He is as injury prone as they come.


I agree with you. The offseason acquisitions spoke volumes to the true goal of this grueling rebuild. Gets more asses in the seats with no true aspiration of a deep October run. It almost seems like a karmic justice with this fallout being witnessed. I would hate it for the players, but would love Jerry’s precious bottom dollar to suffer with fans’ lack of interest in his flawed product.

This team has a very family feel with each other, but my gosh you know they were thinking what the F*#^ is Leury doing hitting 2, 3, 6? And wherever else he was penciled in that was not in the 9 spot.