Spare Parts: Frankie Montas rumors a recurring dream with nightmarish price

Frankie Montas (Photo by Keith Allison)

For those hanging on the blades of the White Sox rumor mill, Sunday night felt familiar.

Over previous days, Bob Nightengale had reported that the White Sox had pursued Oakland’s remaining proven starter, Frankie Montas, but the asking price of Andrew Vaughn was simply too steep.

This is the kind of trade that calls for a top-100 prospect, and by that I mean “a prospect who ranks between No. 75 and No. 100.” The White Sox don’t have that sort of prospect, so in lieu of the ideal kind of centerpiece, the A’s seem intent on the high side of that gap, which is their right. They just shouldn’t expect the Sox to close that gap, especially when Vaughn’s coming out of the gate looking every bit the hitter that had him drafted third overall.

There is the chance that an unproven-but-high-upside prospect like Colson Montgomery could be enough to lead the way, which is why this report from Mike Rodriguez seemed plausible on Sunday night …

… because Rodriguez has landed a couple of scoops this offseason. The only problem is the “only thing” that Rodriguez mentioned an hour later.

So the rumor appeared to hit the same dead end, with Nightengale putting his foot down.

In the meantime, the White Sox announced less exciting roster moves that result in a net talent loss: Lucas Giolito and AJ Pollock to the injured list, with Jimmy Lambert and Anderson Severino taking their places.

Spare Parts

It’s cool to think that Tim Anderson and Dylan Cease could improve beyond the already substantial gains they’ve made over the past few seasons, but Dan Szymborski sees further progress is possible with both. In particular, he thinks Anderson can tap into his power a little more because his pitch selection, while still aggressive, has made strides.

Reading about Luis Robert is almost as fun as watching him, especially when James Fegan approaches him from all angles.

It’s a shame that the White Sox didn’t hide a camera when they let Tanner Banks know he made the team, but he’s getting more attention after a successful, scoreless two-inning debut against Detroit.

Before his death, nobody did more advocating for organ donations than Ed Farmer, whose life was extended nearly 30 years by a kidney transplant. Harold Baines sounds like he’s ready to take on that mantle after receiving a new heart and kidney on back-to-back days in May 2021.

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You have to love that Harold is still with us.

In a different vein, you have to love that Andrew Vaughn is still with us.


Reminds me of my daughter’s impression of the country song, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died.”

“So this guy’s comparing immortal ancestors to bottomless coolers of beer?”


Beane: “Please?”

Hahn: “No.”

Beane: “Pretty please?”

Hahn: “Still no.”

Beane: “With sugar on top?”

Hahn: “…”


i would feel good about Vaughn staying put if it were anyone but nightengale reporting it, who has a remarkable talent for reporting rumors and being completely wrong about what actually happens

Torpedo Jones

I’ve perceived Nightengale as a mouthpiece for the org in the past, so I’m assuming he’s passing through information on behalf of the front office. Isn’t he one of the folks commonly covering how “close” the Sox were on past missed trades and FA signings to give Hahn and the gang cover?


Vaughn’s not in the lineup today.

Please, no.


Probably just Tony being Tony. Keep in mind that he thinks Leury Garcia is amazing.


Also keep in mind that a few short weeks ago he was presumed dead in the outfield and taken off on a stretcher. Came back faster than expected, sure, but doesn’t mean he’s fully at 100% yet. Seems odd for him not to be in the lineup today, but also stills seems surprising he’s not on the DL.


Notwithstanding his hot start in Detroit, he still OPSes 300 points higher against lefties than righties. Not playing Vaughn means we have lefties at DH, RF, and C, while incrementally saving Grandal’s knees for one more game. Vaughn will probably get to 500 ABs, but he’s going to have to take the long way around to get there given the rest of the lineup and playing time considerations that are in play.


I never trust TLR’s judgment or though process. Perhaps Grandal is a little sore, and is getting an extra day of rest from catching. Otherwise if the idea is that McGuire is a lefty hitter and he is getting the start instead of Vaughn because of that, it’s just another case of TLR being drunk stupid.


1B/DH/corner outfield is crowded/deep this year. The timing is concerning but it might just be Tony wanting to give Sheets (and McGuire) more playing time. Broadly, I like the idea of letting McGuire catch and Grandal DH more to keep Grandal healthy… this might just be concerning timing to sit him.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I wouldn’t mind McGuire catching 81 games this year as long as the Sox are winning.


sounds great to me. collins for mcguire was really such a coup. mighta been hahn’s best trade yet in terms of proportion of value, albeit not absolute value. collins has now had 5 PA with the blue jays and struck out in 4 of them… and the fifth was a foul pop up out to the catcher on the first pitch lol


If KW was still GM, Vaughn’s blinding white cleats would already be broken in at this point.


“You can only win one championship a year.”

As Cirensica

So glad that Harold Baines is recovering well.
That Fegan’s article of Robert a total joy.
Let’s win today and keep Vaughn. I might be a minority here, but I think Montas is not a big deal of a pitcher. His better skills right now can be summarize as “He is healthy and better than Dallas Keuchel”. I day, let’s wait and see what Cueto has.An average Cueto is a Montas.


If there’s no First Pitch soon, I may lose my only chance to ever compliment Velasquez on a nice inning.


His peripherals are going to look awful, but every inning he pitches is like free money so I’ll take it anyway we can get it.