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#3 for HOF

Have any of the beat reporters asked TLR what his reasoning is behind batting Luery Garcia in the 3 hole after either of the last 2 games? If so, what was his response?


Sounds like one of those gut feel kind of moves

Leury in the 3 hole

La Russa batted Leury Garcia third for the second straight game, a move that raised eyebrows considering Garcia’s .069 average. For a team that had averaged two runs over its previous six games, La Russa, citing Garcia’s .385 average (5-for-13) vs. Zach Plesac and his 1-for-3 game with a walk and fly ball to the warning track Wednesday night.

“And when you’re kind of in a funk, sometimes a change of scenery does something,” La Russa said. “It’s not really dramatic, it’s just that one move. But he’s been known to get hot and if can get hot, he does a lot of things for your offense. So we’ll see. I thought he was inspired yesterday. He took really good at-bats, ran the bases.”


To Err is Herrmann

Just on a whim, I did a comparison on Baseball Reference between Dallas Keuchel and Vinegar Bend Mizell, the one-time St. Louis Cardinals starter (1950s) who finished his career doing mop up work for the 1962 New York Mets. Their numbers are almost perfectly identical across the board. I don’t know what it means, but see for yourself. It’s as if Vinegar Bend Mizell has been reincarnated as Dallas Keuchel.

As Cirensica

Keuchel is a vinegar candy for sure.