Podcast: Latest White Sox News and 2022 Bullpen Season Preview

Record Date: 4/4/2022

Lance Lynn is hurt and will miss the first two months of 2022.

Zack Collins is gone, and the White Sox have themselves a new backup catcher.

Josh and Jim recap the latest White Sox news while previewing the bullpen unit. A week ago, the White Sox bullpen appeared to be one of the best in Major League Baseball. Now that Craig Kimbrel has been traded and Garrett Crochet is out for the season, how does this unit stack up with Opening Day rapidly approaching?

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Augusto Barojas

Their bullpen is going to get a ton of work in the first two months. Kopech won’t go more than 2-3 innings, plus whatever they get from Keuchel/Lopez/Velasquez. They will be quite lucky to get more than 3 or 4 innings in a start out of any of them, which is pretty brutal considering that’s 3 out of every 5 games.

I don’t want to see them trade Vaughn or make any bad moves, but clearly they are in a really bad spot. What about signing Cueto on a 1 year? That might be their best shot in a desperate situation.


unfortunately, you may be right. I’d really like to see if Sox could put together a package for Montas. I’d happily put Adolfo (out of options) and Burger (blocked) in that package, but I doubt if that even moves the needle much. My “do not move” guys include Sheets, Colas, Burke, Vera, Rodriguez, Ramos and Montgomery. I’d be fine with Cespedes going along with Micker and Jake, but I doubt that’s even enough for two cheap years of Montas. Maybe Yolbert too? Doubt it happens, but i’d rather see something like this than going dumpster diving with Rick again.

Augusto Barojas

Montas is pretty good. I hope they can avoid trading Rodriguez. Crochet might make sense, since he is unlikely to contribute much until 2024. I don’t think they can get a deal done without some of the guys on your don’t move list, I mean their minor league is rated dead last. Crochet/Montgomery/? might get it done. Expensive, yes, but otherwise their bullpen is going to be raped by overuse the first two months, which hurts them in the 2nd half and postseason as well. We don’t even know if Lynn will go deep into games at all this year, which makes their need for a starter pretty desperate.

Maybe they can scrounge up a lesser starter than Montas with less of a prospect cost. Or just signing Cueto might be easiest. They just suddenly got thrust into a bad situation.


I suppose i could be talked into doing the Crochet/Montgomery for Montas.


It would be hard to see a Montas deal without giving up something like that. Surprised they didn’t go after Manaea harder, it seems like he didn’t cost that much in the end.


Cueto might be useful to someone. But he isn’t even in a major league camp so will take time to ramp up.


Let’s agree as a fan community to not use the word “raped”…there are a lot of better ways to express the sentiment.

As Cirensica

Kopech won’t go more than 2-3 innings

Kopech is turning 26 in a few days and has 4 years of control. It feels like 5 years we have been talking about Kopech. We have been treating him like a golden boy that will be the next Noah Syndergaard, whom by the way also has trouble pitching healthily. Moncada has given to the Sox 5 years of production already, and they both came from the same trade.

Kopech really needs to start stepping up, and this is the year. If not, then trade him for someone who can pitch.


Absolutely agree. His TJ surgery was 2018. I know they want to be careful with him, but they can’t baby him forever.

They need to find out what they have in him this season, not treat him with kid gloves the whole year. He should be good for 5 innings by end of first half, and more in the 2nd, hopefully. Provided he is getting outs.

As Cirensica

Heard a lot of “if” in the podcast (paraphrasing)…for a contending team, I find that a bit disheartening.


The starting pitching depth isn’t a need exposed by Lynn’s injury: It should have been Item 1A (or Item 1B behind backup catcher) on November 1, 2021. The need was always there.

Lynn’s knee and back needed to be monitored. Kopech wasn’t a good bet to pitch a ton of innings. Keuchel was coming off an awful year. Then there is always the chance Giolito or Cease suffer a freak injury. 5 starters were never going to get it done, and the Sox’ options after the top 5 were uninspiring at best. All they’ve done to address that is Velasquez.

Augusto Barojas

Someone pointed out that Cueto isn’t in camp and will need time, but for lack of better ideas that don’t weaken their roster via trade, I hope they are talking to him – today.

I just hope that Hahn doesn’t feel backed into a corner and forced to make an overpay for some pitcher. There has to be a vet who isn’t as good as Montas and wouldn’t cost anything really valuable that they could get. You’re right though, they should have planned ahead, and Velasquez was not an answer.


Sox were reportedly looking for a starter long before Lynn’s surgery. So management evidently had the will to do something.