Podcast: Good Start to 2022

Record Date: 4/10/2022

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Intro: Sox Machine Announcement

Sox Machine has agreed to be contributors for The Laurence Holmes Show on 670 the Score this season. On Friday’s around 1:00 pm CT, you’ll hear from Jim or Josh on the show providing White Sox analysis all season. With Steve Stone as the White Sox Senior Analyst for 670 the Score, consider us as the White Sox Junior Analysts.

We are grateful for this opportunity and want to thank Mitch Rosen, Ryan Porth, Rey Diaz, and Laurence Holmes for making this arrangement happen.

4:35: Tigers series recap

7:30: Cog of the Series – Andrew Vaughn

12:22: Starting Pitcher Review

23:03: Seattle Mariners series preview

32:38: New concession items at GRF

38:25: P.O. Sox Questions

Alec S.

With Giolito now missing at least two starts do you think that’ll push Hahn to go after Montas? If so, what’s the most you’d give up for him?


Do you think Keuchel, Velasquez, and Cueto be enough to shore up the back end of the rotation especially given all the early injuries? What would you do at this point if you were GM?

Tim Brown

Who has more staying power in this bullpen, Tanner Banks or Bennett Sousa?

Steve Griffin

Which of the minor leaguers would you least like to part with in a trade, and why?

Remember to listen to the FutureSox podcasts on Tuesday as Mike Rankin and James Fox will share their Top 30 White Sox prospects. 

Bonus Patreon Questions (Exclusive Content – Listen Here):


There was a fair amount of talk on Twitter suggesting that AJ Pollock misplayed the deep fly from Baez — the play that ended the game. Suggesting that perhaps Pollock’s bat is better than his glove. It was really difficult to make a judgment from the angle TV provided. Do you have thoughts? It is certainly tempting to think that Adam Engel would have made the catch. Do you think the Sox might be thinking of late-game defensive replacements for the Pollock and/or Jimenez?

Benny Kozminski

Thoughts on the pitchcoms so far? Seemed like Sox had a few problems with it this series, thanks!

Andrew Segall

Is it odd to be so delighted that the Sox have a decent backup catcher again?

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at josh@soxmachine.com.

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Last edited 11 months ago by jorgefabregas

So, you’re saying it’s definitely time to fire up the Andrew Vaughn for MVP train?


Either that, or the Trade Vaughn for the entire Athletics’ starting staff.


Train. Sorry.


Almost had a stroke when Vaughn wasnt starting game 2. Almost as if he needs to play every day and good things will happen.

As Cirensica

So many exciting things happening to Sox Machine and this makes me immensely happy. You guys deserved many good things happening to you. The White Sox being a good team helps to create good content and to have audience.