First Pitch: White Sox vs. Mariners

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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mariners Twitter acct giving the impression they’d much rather be at home in the dome than play another midwestern spring game lol


Leury needs a time out.


You spelled “buyout” wrong.

Augusto Barojas

comment of the day : )


McGuire seems like he gives a good at-bat.


His bat is very playable against RHP, especially for a good catcher. I feel so much better about their future at catcher after Grandal with McGuire on board for multiple years and Perez raking in the minors.


Good thing the Sox locked up Garcia for years.


Somehow he will end up with 500+ ABs this year. If TLR leaves next year can we insist Leury goes with him? For that matter TLR may require it.

As Cirensica

And somehow he will produce 1 to 1.5 WAR which makes him a good bench player except he isn’t used as one.


I’m sure it all makes sense in Tony’s head.


Yeah, I just scratch my head at that. If you want to bring him back for 1 year, fine, he’s a good utility piece. The best thing going in the minors last year was a bunch of guys emerging who could at least be utility guys now/soon (Romy, Jose Rodriguez, Yolbert, etc.). I have no idea why they felt the need to give him three years.


Add the 2 extra years for Leury to the list of things that made no sense, along with hiring the manager who has chosen him as his favorite player.

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Gotta make sure we win the Alex Rios trade.


Sox hitters in swing mode today




This has nothing to do with anything so maybe it’s a byproduct of actually being able to sit and watch a full game uninterrupted but ….

I got to thinking about baseball cards and in the 70’s, and every pack I bought had an Oscar Zamora card. I had at least 20 of those.

Looked him up on Wikipedia and it turns out that we share the same birthday (month and day, not year). Also, he’s Cuban. Huh.


One of these days Leury might get a hit

As Cirensica

He is notoriously a slow starter


5 games and an OPS of 0.


Can only get better from here!

As Cirensica

WAR can keep going down though.

As Cirensica

Hitting Leury 6th is mystifying to say the least


If he keeps struggling, TLR will hit him cleanup to try and break him out of it.


So is letting him make the last out of the game.

Augusto Barojas

It’s not where he hits in the lineup, but making sure he plays every day that is important.

Joliet Orange Sox

I wish I could get worked up about Leury but I can’t.

I don’t care at all that Leury is 0 for 17 to start the year (I’m pretty sure he’s a guy who can put up an OPS+ of 80 something in the end) and I don’t care much that the Sox signed Leury for 3 years/$16.5 (it’s not way out of line with what I expected him to sign for).

I do worry TLR will play Leury too much but it is hard to say that is happening so far because of suspensions and injuries. It seems that many people would’ve preferred Danny Mendick to Leury at SS when TA was suspended. I think Leury is better than replacement level (not by a lot) and Mendick below replacement level so I’m ok with that. Last night, it seems many people would’ve liked to see Sheets come in to LF after Eloy got hurt. Conditions were bad and the Sox were leading so I think picking Leury in that situation is also ok. 3 of the 5 games Leury has played in were games where circumstances made him a reasonable choice. I may end up upset with TLR for playing Leury too much but I’m not there yet given the circumstances.

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Did not see the game. Thought I would skim through the comments to learn something. Somehow, 90% are Leury related. Which is an irrnational amount of fixation on the super-utility guy.