Sporcle Saturday: Free agency is once again upon us

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Good morning!

With the lockout finally lifted, free agency can finally resume. As both Jim and Josh have noted –and Rick Hahn has confirmed– adding pitching depth seems to be the priority as we enter this heady time of a whirlwind of signings, though second base, backup catcher, and right field are also possibilities.

Perhaps you have forgotten, but the White Sox have already made two free agent signings, way back on November 30. The hope, of course, is that there will be more to come and that those signings represent something other than one-year contracts and/or bargain bin options: as both the former and the latter tend to be chosen…poorly.

So, let’s try and remember the free agent signings from this off-season as well as off-seasons of the past. Today’s Sporcle asks you to remember the top free agent contracts in White Sox history: no extensions included. In all, there are 37 names: how many can you get? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • I’ve allotted 10 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints I’ve provided the date of the signing, and the contract details.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your family and friends:

  • 10 of the 37 signings on this list are relief pitchers.
  • Just four have been starting pitchers and just two of those have been for more than one year.

Direct link here

Data from a combination of Baseball ReferenceMLB Trade Rumors Transaction Tracker, the New York Times archive, and Newspaperarchive.com

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awful. Only 18,felt like I ‘knew’ a lot, just couldn’t pull the names off of my tongue.

surprised me


Also – this one surprised me for some reason
Paulie (multiple times?)

Trooper Galactus

The bigger one he took a discount to come back. The Angels reportedly offered him more.


29/37 before I ran out of time. Most of my misses were guys who re-signed during free agency, as sometimes I forget the timing of when they came back.

Not a great list. At least Floyd Bannister’s 39-year-old contract no longer is among the top deals in franchise history.

Joliet Orange Sox

I was so sure Bannister would be on this list that I entered his name with varying numbers of n’s to check.

Joliet Orange Sox

Baseball Reference lists Bannister as signing for 5 years, $4.79M with a $1.25M signing bonus. He is still almost on this list.


I believe the last time Ted gave us this quiz that he was an answer!

Nelson Cruz was a toddler when that deal was made.

24/37 before I ran out of time. I probably would have gotten a few more. I forgot about a lot of the bullpen guys. I was also remembering guys signed to minor league deals who didn’t make the list like

Jimmy Rollins

Augusto Barojas

Rememebering the Sox past free agent signings is a painful exercise that only reminds how pathetic and cheap our ownership is. Not playing!


32/37. The sad part is, that 10 of the 37 are relievers and 6 are resigning their own players. That has seemed to be the Sox plan over all these years. Spend on relievers, since they are the cheapest free agents to acquire. Time to change that and finally act like the big boys, like they did on Nov 19, 1996.


Weird thing about that cheap FA relievers is that relievers are also the ‘go to’ at trading deadlines. So they get picked up in-season trades and as free agents. I guess it kind of speaks to the reputation that relievers are not typically ‘developed’, but are failed starters.

Trooper Galactus

29/37. This list is fucking depressing.

Trooper Galactus

Hey Ted, hope you have time to edit the list.