Sporcle Saturday: Hitting streaks

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Earlier this week on the Sox Machine Podcast, Josh and Patrick Nolan reviewed reviewed Yoan Moncada’s season. A great listen overall (of course), and this tidbit was mentioned that I had somehow already forgotten: Moncada had the longest hitting streak on the team this year, at 19 games stretching from August 14 until September 7. That was actually tied with Trea Turner for the fourth-longest hitting streak in the majors this year, with Cedric Mullins (20), Nick Castellanos (21), and David Fletcher (26) the only players finishing ahead of Moncada.

Over the course of that streak, Moncada slashed .351/.422/.459 while collecting 26 hits overall. As was the case for much of his season, the power was somewhat lacking with just six extra-base hits (5 doubles and a home run) and the team resembled its second-half form, as well, going 9-10 during the streak.

Regardless of the results, I thought it would make for a fun Sporcle. Today, let’s examine which White Sox players throughout franchise history have recorded a hitting streak of at least 15 games. That’s 142 entries: how many can you name? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • It’s a big list with some obscure names, so I’ve allotted the full 20 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the season, hit streak, and position of the player in question.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • The lowest average from the streaks on this list is .295 (1955 OF, first streak)…
  • …while the highest is a sizzling .517 (1935 SS).
  • If you’d like a good read, check out the 1942 player’s SABR biography. Quite the life in baseball.

Direct link here

All data from stathead.com

(Image by Carl Skanberg)

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105/142. Got everyone after 1961. If I got everyone I knew, I probably could have gotten 10-15 more. Another great quiz, Ted. You’re on a roll!!


118/142, and there’s only a couple of other names I would have had a chance of getting had Ted given us an hour to complete the quiz. My biggest gap remains the 1940s, and my gratitude to Ted for including names from way back so I can learn more.

I am still sad that Ping Bodie isn’t an answer.


Thanks to Ted and his quizzes, sooner or later we’re going to learn all the old-time Sox players!!

Joliet Orange Sox

Thanks for the tip to read the 1942 third-baseman’s SABR bio. He was an interesting guy and I now know whom to be grateful to for signing Kenny Williams as a player and bringing him into the Sox organization.

Trooper Galactus

Nice, but surprised Jermaine Dye didn’t make the list even with that monster 2006 season.