Zack’s Offseason Plan


The White Sox are ready to compete. Find the pieces to solidify this lineup and sharpen top the defense. I believe in the starting pitching. The offense needs to be more complete and more consistent. Do whatever it takes to make this lineup dangerous 1-9.


  • Lucas Giolito: $7.9M.           TENDER
  • Reynaldo López; $2.8M      TENDER
  • Evan Marshall: $2.3M.         NO
  • Adam Engel: $2.2M              TENDER
  • Brian Goodwin: $1.7M.       NO
  • Jimmy Cordero: $1.2M       NO
  • Jace Fry: $1M                          NO


  • Craig Kimbrel: $16M            $1M buyout
  • César Hernández: $6M.       NO


  • Leury García.     RETAIN- 2 years  $7M, 22’-3.5M, ’23-$3.5M
  • Carlos Rodón        NO
  • Billy Hamilton     NO
  • Ryan Tepera       RETAIN-  2 years, $5M ’22-$2M, ’23- $3M

Bring him back! I loved the Astro’s comment. He is a badass who likes to win. This team is a little too laid back. I think they need a few fiery guys.


No. 1: Nick Castellanos, RF (Five year, $113 million).   Fix right field.

No. 2: Alex Avila, C (One year, $1.5 million)   Reliable, back up defensive catcher.

No. 3 Yusmeiro Petit, RP (1 year, 2.5 Million) Another Consistent reliever


No. 1: Arizona Diamondbacks trade Ketel Marte and Madison Bumgarner to the Chicago White Sox in return for Dallas Keuchel and Eloy Jimenez (Arizona will retain 30% of Bumgarner’s salary). Marte will make $8.4M this year with two team options for ’23 and ’24. Bumgarner is locked up until 2024 the white sox will ben paying 75% of the salary coming to $18M for ’22 and then $18M and $10.5M the following years.


I love Eloy. Will he ever be healthy enough to hit his 40 home runs and 100 RBI’s? Is it worth waiting to find out? Andrew Vaughn proved to be an average left fielder which is an improvement from Jimenez. If Vaughn turns into what he should, Offensively this isn’t much of a dip. Vaughn has earned the right to play everyday, and continue to grow. Marte fills the whole at second with decent Defensive numbers. He will be locked up for 3 years and then can resign to an extension if it works out. Keuchel and Bumgarner are a wash, while Bumgarner has at least won three world series. Try to get Arizona to pay as much of the contract as possible. I think 25% is realistic with the team friendly Eloy deal. Maybe they would take on 30%. Filling the hole at second base via trade allows us to spend on Castellanos, solving right field/DH long term. Alex Avila is solid behind the plate, and bringing back Tepera and signing one more reliever rebuilds the bullpen enough with hope Crochet and Bummer remain consistent and dominant.


SP Lynn: 18.5M

SP Giolito: 8M

SP Cease: 575K

SP Bumgarner (L): 16.1M

SP Kopech: 575K


C Grandal: 18.25M

1B Abreu: 19.67M

2B Marte 8.4M

SSAnderson: 9.5M

3B Moncada: 13.8M

LF Vaughn: 575K

CF Robert: 6M

RF Castellanos 18M

DH Sheets 575K


CL Hendricks: 13.33M

SU Bummer (L): 2.5M

RP Tepera: 2M

RP Ruiz: 575K

RP Crochet (L): 575K

RP Petit: 2.5M

LR Lopez: 2.8M


BE Garcia 3.5M

BEEngel: 2.2M

BE Sheets: 575K

BE Avila 1.5M

BE Burger 575K



TOTAL $172.1M

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Small quibble, but Avila announced his retirement, he won’t be an option. Also, I mostly like this the trade (just a little scared that Bumgarner is cooked) but Vaughn was by all measures a complete butcher defensively in left. He just wasn’t comedic about it like Eloy

Jim Margalus

I’m not seeing “complete butcher defensively in left” according to the numbers. Over 720 innings in 2021:

UZR: 2.5
DRS: -2
OAA: -3

Whereas if you extract Eloy’s 2020 numbers to 720 innings, you get:

UZR: -4
DRS: -6
OAA: -6

Which strikes me as more “complete butcher” work.


Replace Avila with Manny Pina. i have doubts about Bumgarner as well, but I think he has a better future than Keuchel. I think Vaugh is athletic enough to further improve on defense. At the very least, I don’t have to worry about continuous injurie


Given the diamondbacks roster and the unenviable task of competing against the dodgers and giants for the NL West crown, I don’t see them accepting this trade. Maybe throw in a third team like the Mariners to send Eloy and Kuechel to and send prospects to AZ from is and Seattle.

Also, am I the only one who thinks it is a good bet that Dallas just had some dead arm working through his first full season since 2018?